Trump chump flails before House Judiciary Committee

The highly combative and seemingly unprepared Matt Whitaker fought today with the House Judiciary Committee during the hearing. This clown couldn’t or wouldn’t answer simple yes-no questions. His canned and time-wasting answers turned into a shouting match during several occasions as the hearing dragged on. One point of particular note was when a Democratic lawmaker brought up a mystery million dollar payoff he received from a conservative non-profit which refuses to reveal its donors.

One prime example:

Under intense questioning from Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), Whitaker attempted to bat away questions which led to continuous crosstalk as the acting Attorney General spoke over the Democratic lawmaker.

When order was restored, Raskin pressed Whitaker, asking, “See if you can get into this. Tell us where the money came from, that you were paid? The $1.2 million.”

As he has done all day, Trump flunky and defender Doug Collins (R-GA) jumped in with another “so-called” point of order, which he did numerous times during the hearing running interference for Whitaker, with the parliamentary move easily swatted away by Chairman Jerry Nadler (R-NY).

“It was reported publically that it was one donor,” Raskin continued. “As we understand it, you were the sole employee of the group. So there was one donor and one employee. Do you know who the donor was to the group who funded your salary for $1.2 million?”

“Yes, I do,” Whitaker tersely replied.
“Who was the donor?” Raskin pressed.
“The donor was another non-profit organization called the Donor’s Trust,” he replied.

“That was the pass-through vehicle, ” Raskin shot back, before pressing him once again, and hinting that he believed the payment was funneled to Whitaker by billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson.

6 thoughts on “Trump chump flails before House Judiciary Committee

  1. A failure? I thought he succeeded. His audience was Trump’s base.


    • Ivanka 💋 just calls him “Daddy”. 💋💰💋


      • And you call him Cranial Occupant.


      • Actually, Ivanka calls him Big Daddy, or Bigly Daddy, or Bigoted Daddy, or Big Fat Fascist Fool With An Empty Bloated Tangerine For A Head Daddy.

        Ivanka’s competition for Dirtbag Donald’s sexual attention (other than that ho-bag Hope Hicks & any cheap hooker within a ten mile radius), Mistress Melania of course just calls him Lil’ Mushroom Dick! 🏌️🍄

        # FREE MELANIA 🇷🇺


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