This week’s dumb ass award goes to……….the City of Eureka


Ugly green chemical flowing into the bay near the Somoa Bridge – Photo by Doug Neusbaum via RHBB

Yesterday afternoon people were starting to get pretty worried about the bay went reports started coming in about a green liquid that looked a lot like antifreeze was flowing into the bay and moving along the shoreline for several hundred yards. Some observers noticed that it was heavier than water so most of it was on the bay bottom. Just before dusk, the Humboldt Bay fire’s Hazmat team showed up and the Coast Guard was called as well it was being to look like a pretty serious toxic spill with potentially far-reaching impacts.

After a few tense hours, it was revealed that the green liquid substance was not a potent toxicant but a less harmful green dye. It turns out that the brilliant minds at the City of Eureka were doing some dye testing of stormwater and sewer systems.

Oops! They forgot to let any of us know.

We can’t prove it yet, but we seriously suspect our “favorite” Eureka official Miles Slattery had a hand in this

3 thoughts on “This week’s dumb ass award goes to……….the City of Eureka

  1. Not Miles. This is Public Works


  2. Does the City of Eureka require job applicants to FLUNK an IQ test before being hired?


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