Overwhelming rejection of MAGA loonies and train scams in Eureka

We are overjoyed that all the candidates we backed won along with measure K and this was a bad election for the choo-choo cuckoos 

Go, Leslie!!!!!

The Winners!!!

City Council Ward 1 –  Leslie Castellano

City Council Ward 3 – Natalie Arroyo

City Council Ward 5 –  Kim Bergel

Eureka Mayor –  Susan Seaman

Harbor District, 4th District –  Richard Marks

Measure K  YES!!!!

Measure M goes down in flames


15 thoughts on “Overwhelming rejection of MAGA loonies and train scams in Eureka

    • Is Marian Brady still with that old obese biker thug Stormie Winters, after her White supremacist boyfriend Winters blew it big time?

      Talk about political self-destruction! The Brady Bunch aren’t just the Shady Bunch, they are straight up freaking stupid! 🐘💩🔥


  1. Only due to the overwhelming numbers of freeloaders, HSU grads with no marketable skills and bums.

    But TE will be calling this new batch of Socialists out within the year because they won’t be glad handing out money the way it expects.


  2. Under angry public pressure our current “progressive” majority just voted for a special meeting next week (not yet posted on the city website) to decide if the Carrington Corporation can:

    1) Share the cost of a $450K traffic signal with the city.
    2) Accept a city financed loan.
    3) Enter into a “Revenue Guarantee” agreement requiring Eureka to pay the $450K if this development fails to generate adequate revenue.

    “NO”, “NO”, AND “NO”!!!!

    Even the Eureka Chamber of Commerce testified against it!

    CalTrans and the State of California is responsible for the safety of Hwy 101 through Eureka and will eventually install all the signals needed. They are slated to install one next year at Broadway and Hawthorne.

    We will need many consecutive progressive councils before they develop the courage to actually revitalize Eureka by finally holding the owners of blighted properties responsible to clean up their act or loose their property.

    People need to show up!


    • That is a massive misinterpretation of what the city is trying to do.
      1) these are separate options under consideration, not a package of ideas formed into a plan. As in, maybe give them a loan if the use it to pay for the light. So the developer pays for the light, with a city loan.
      2) the “revenue guarantee” is meant as a guarantee that the city receives the promised tax revenue, not a guarantee that the city will pay the developer.
      3) city staff recommended that the city pay for the light outright because it is considered a safe investment, so the council is trying to get a better deal (not giving a handout).

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      • Actually, as yet, the city isn’t “trying to do” anything yet. The council hasn’t decided.

        These were all comments thrown out by various council-members, none are clear, all are inappropriate.
        Cal-Trans and the state of California are responsible for safety on Hwy. 101 through Broadway.


  3. Hopefully–They will address the the slow, painful downward trend in downtown and old town. Main Street, badly needs revitalizing, and given new direction. It’s original mission has been eroded by over controlling City managers and a director that only is a servant of City staff. That is not the way it was designed to work folks. It no longer listens to the merchants issues, so they have learned to keep their mouths shut, and heads down. Too bad, because it has the potential to be a very vibrant district. Lets hope the new council sees it’s value (tax dollars) and retire the current director and get someone with vision, and take a more hands off approach.

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  4. Hey, Tuluwat Examiner. Once all the votes have been counted, you should do a story about how much money Anthony “Fat Tony” Mantova 🍕 and John “The Fool” Fullerton spent per vote. 💰 Considering how badly both of those idiot Trumptards did in this election, that was money clearly not well spent!

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    • Don’t forget Bonino and Brady. Brady spent a lot of money in her failed attempt.

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      • Do you know how much Brady spent? It is easy to find reports for Eureka city offices but I can’t find them for HD without going to the Election Office and digging through paper copies.

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      • the Final reports are just now being filed and won’t be available for a little while.
        “$1500 from Debbie McBeth” Look a little closer, Rob Mcbeth usually donates using the names of his tweaker kids

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      • I went to the office on 10/16, but the only form i could find showed $1500 from HBE PAC and $1500 from Debbie McBeth.

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    • These guys know that candidates who spent less and win are the rare exception to the rule.

      Thus, their dice-throw was a safe bet…except for the (assumed) higher turnout.

      Thank President Pumpkin Head?

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      • Seriously though. “Fat Tony” Mantova spent like $40,000 on a Eureka City Council race, if you can believe that corrupt bullshit! 🐘💰🔥. And Foolish Fullerton wasn’t far behind in the lighting his money on f**king fire game 💰🔥.

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