Enough of Giuliani’s BS. It’s time to subpoena Trump.

As special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III marches forward with his prosecution of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and as the case that Trump engaged in criminal conduct grows stronger, Trump and his lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani continue their tango about whether Trump will deign to answer questions from Mueller’s team.

Said Giuliani on the possibility of an interview: “If they can come to us and show us the basis and that it’s legitimate and that they have uncovered something, we can go from there and assess their objectivity.” Giuliani added to his list of prerequisite demands that he wants to know about the origins of the FBI probe before agreeing to some form of an interview. Then on Wednesday, Giuliani announced that the president’s team issued yet another counter-proposal to Mueller, declining to specify the terms.

So if Mueller can prove the legitimacy of his case, and if Giuliani and Trump conclude it’s objective, and if they receive sufficient information about the probe’s origins, then they might consider answering some questions in writing. (What a load of crap!)

Rudolph W. Giuliani with Donald J. Trump

Enough is enough. It’s time to subpoena Trump.

Mueller has been extraordinarily deferential and patient while Trump and his representatives engaged in their scarcely credible gamesmanship. Notwithstanding Giuliani’s representations that Trump is pawing the stall eager to submit to an interview under oath, it has become increasingly apparent that neither Trump nor anyone in his orbit has any interest in his answering Mueller’s questions. In a word, they are playing Mueller, and in the process, playing the country.

This post is an edited version of this opinion piece by Harry Litman in the Washington Post:



15 thoughts on “Enough of Giuliani’s BS. It’s time to subpoena Trump.

    • Yeah. I like the way Giuliani basically told Mueller to stick his subpoena in his ear over baseless claims and an unfounded investigation, too!


      • We sincerly hope that Giuliani(a truly despicable person) gets swept up in this dragnet

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      • As a “legal” strategy, that is so “brilliant”! (Notice the tone of sarcasm? 😆)

        Yes, Sean Klannity was absolutely correct. That fat, 🍊 orange, self-destructive, corrupt, incompetent, insanely delusional traitor weakling Republikkkan puppet of Putin – BENEDICT DONALD is in the clear now.

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  1. First, Manafort’s trial has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. Every charge he faces is alleged to have occurred prior to his association with the President.

    Second, what crime has President Trump committed that Mueller is investigating? Mueller’s appointment was to look at collusion; there has been no evidence against Trump found that points to criminal activity, by Trump or his campaign, that falls under Mueller’s mandate. Mueller’s mandate, if it covers obstruction of justice, is invalid against a President who, by authority of the Constitution, can fire, without cause, any member of the Executive Branch of government. Mueller doesn’t have any right to question presidential decisions regarding personnel changes within the Executive Branch.

    So, what exactly has Mueller wasted $25 million on?


    • “what crime has President Trump committed that Mueller is investigating?”
      Money Laundering
      Obstruction of Justice {yes he can, and did}
      Election Fraud
      Wire Fraud

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    • Violet, seriously. How old are you? 14? 15, maybe? I don’t know what your Young Republikkkans Club has been telling you about the Manafort trial (this is his first trial – there is a second trial on additional charges that begins next month), but it seems to me that Disgustingly Corrupt Dumbass Donald Trump’s Russian envoy/campaign director Paul ”Al Capone” Manafort attempting to sell the Secretary of the Army job in exchange for a large illegal bank loan has everything to do with the Trump campaign.

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  2. Violet, you are in never never land. Join the real world and read real news. Fox is in the hen house, or at the very least feeding the chickens garbage, that people like you just love to gobble up. You are getting toxic waste which is eating your brain cells.

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    • FOX “News” 🦊 📺 🐘 💩, or as it is better known – TOTAL BULLSHIT FOR THE GULLIBLE – can’t be expected to produce a real news broadcast, with all the time they waste on set assgrabbing, sexual harassing, and exposing their tiny genetalia.

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  3. Strzok and Page are Democrat Lackeys. TE says Strzok was fired by a Trump Lackey… seems fitting, but the Trump Lackey’s texts didn’t compromise two investigations, now did it, TE?


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