Mantova, Eureka’s biggest Trump groupie weighs in on the Supervisors race

Surprise! Eureka City Council Candidate and all-around Trump sycophant Anthony Mantova has strongly endorsed Ryan Sundberg for fifth district supervisor in today’s Times-Standard.

No one actually should be surprised. While Ryan has cultivated his façade of being a calm, reasonable sort of middle of the road voice on the board of Supervisors, the reality is much different.  True compared to the bluster and bravado of fellow supervisor Rex Bohn, Sundberg does indeed seem calm, but that just his demeanor, when you look at his voting record both as a supervisor and as a coastal commissioner it’s indistinguishable from the positions espoused by chronic blowhard Rex Bohn.

Birds of a feather

So what is Mantova’s big closing argument to get you to vote for Ryan? During the several years that I operated a store in McKinleyville, none of my customers ever complained about Mr. Sundberg.”
Seriously? That’s it?


9 thoughts on “Mantova, Eureka’s biggest Trump groupie weighs in on the Supervisors race

  1. First of all, Mantova’s McKinleyville store was tiny, lousy and no one ever went there as far as I could tell, which may explain Mantova’s business failure. If almost no one (other than a few high school kids) are frequenting your establishment, then there’s almost no chance of local politics coming up as a discussion topic in the first place.

    And as a former McKinleyville resident, I can tell you from personal experience that local politics (unlike national politics) is not a popular issue of discussion, but when Ryan Sundberg’s name does come up the reaction is almost universally negative.

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  2. I’ve bought a few items at Mantova’s music store (out of necessity), but would hardly characterize it as a good music store. They have very few top-end items, and the good items usually come in used few-and-far-between. They have a lot of mediocre-to-poor quality items and brands. You might think it’s a good music store, if you have never actually been to one before.

    I can see why someone would desperately want to get out from under that business. Plus, what I hear is that the Eureka store’s location (next to the Mission) may be what is partially driving Mantica’s ill-advised run for local office. Apparently, from what I’ve heard, Mantova is blaming the homeless in downtown Eureka for his small profits, when he should be blaming his poor personal business model. Most musicians in Humboldt (above the age of 16) want to be able to purchase NEW top-end items, not a bunch of overpriced generic low-quality crap. 💩

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  3. Bought lots of high quality stuff, new and used, had to order. Also talked politics with other adults, Sundberg was newer at the time so the jury was not all out, but we agreed he was a slick talker.


  4. This just in – Mantova Music has just hired the suddenly unemployed Roseanne Barr!

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  5. Oh, and by the way, Mantova does not (and never has, as far as I can tell) employed anyone other than men at any of his establishments. Not one female employee – not even one. Is Mantova a Trump acolyte who is simply a sexist pig who believes women are inferior, and/or is Mantova a potential sexual harasser who doesn’t trust himself to be in the presence of female subordinates?

    AND – all of his employees are now and have always been (as far as I can tell, from my many years of frequenting his establishments, mostly just to browse, since Mantova rarely has any items in stock worth the money that he’s overcharging for them) ALL WHITE. 100% WHITE MEN. That’s it. And that is not only sad, it is clearly suspicious, considering how many women are musicians locally, not to mention non-White males as well. I’m sure at least one person who isn’t a White man would like a part-time job in a music store!

    Democrats should be able to win this one.

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  6. I called this cowardly douchenozzle Anthony Mantova out on his BS over 10 years ago . He’ was in college at time and wrote op-ed in favor of invading Iran . I asked him if he intended to join military. He flatly refused to consider military service. He’s a spineless fuck .

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  7. All brothers of the same mother


  8. It looks like that Mantova endorsement of Ryan Sundberg did a lot of good for loser Lyin’ Dumberg! 🐘💩🚽 LMFAO!! 😆🤣😂

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