Warning Eureka, Trump wannabe is running for City Council

Eureka you should be very worried

Far right-winger Anthony Mantova a regular commentator on the local Rush Limbaugh radio channel, owner of Mantova’s Two Street Music in Old Town, and complete Trump apologist has announced that he is running for the Ward 1 Eureka City Council position currently held by Marion Brady who is thankfully termed out

No surprise his supporters are the usual rightwing suspects John Fullerton, Jeff and Sharon Lamoree, Jeannie Breslin, and Marian Brady

Mantova, seen here with Brady and Fullerton in Chiv photo

10 thoughts on “Warning Eureka, Trump wannabe is running for City Council

  1. Shame on those who could put this guy in office. Eureka deserves far, far better. Don’t let him run unopposed!!!!!

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    • He certainly has no trouble getting as much as he wants

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    • Limbaugh’s drugs stay with Limbaugh. 💊🐘💩🚽📻 If you had to do the absolutely – by far – most boring radio show in the land 3-hours-a-day, year-in & year-out, wouldn’t you be a junkie just like Limbaugh too? Have some compassion for the fat, rich, racist bastard!

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  2. That’s a nice music store. Surely they need him there?

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  4. bwaaa ha ha a business owner running for office beware !


  5. Maybe now that right-wing loser Ryan Sundberg is leaving the Board of Supervisors involuntarily, Lyin’ Dumberg can sell some guitar insurance to Mantova.

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