Republicans plan takes from the poor and middle class and gives to those living in incredible opulence

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks in Silver Spring, Maryland, on July 13, 2017. (Photo: Blink O’fanaye)

With the GOP’s safety net-shredding budget blueprint headed for a crucial vote in the Senate this week, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) blasted his Republican colleagues’ proposals in a Guardian op-ed Monday as little more than a “gift to billionaires” made possible by doing “incalculable harm to tens of millions of working families, our kids, the sick, the elderly, and the poor.”

“The Republican budget, which will likely be debated on the floor of the Senate this week, is the Robin Hood principle in reverse,” Sanders writes. “It takes from those in need and gives to those who are already living in incredible opulence.”

As Common Dreams has reported, despite the GOP’s and the Trump administration’s best efforts to portray their budget and tax plan as pro-middle class, non-partisan analyses have laid bare the fact that their proposals amount to an enormous boon to the wealthiest Americans.

The independent Tax Policy Center found last month that by 2027, 80 percent of the Trump-GOP tax cuts will be enjoyed by the top one percent.

To clear up budget space for this reward to the rich, Republicans are preparing to inflict “massive cuts [to] programs that working class Americans desperately need,” Sanders notes.

“This budget cuts Medicaid by more than $1 trillion over 10 years — which would throw some 15 million Americans off of the health insurance they currently have,” Sanders adds. “Further, this budget does what the Republicans have not yet attempted to do in their previous healthcare legislation and that is to make a $473 billion cut to Medicare, despite Trump’s campaign promises not to cut these programs.”

To the question of why the GOP would so severely slash crucial safety net programs and deliver massive tax cuts to the wealthy — moves recent polls have found are extremely unpopular among vast majority of the American public — Sanders responds: “follow the money.”

“Today, we have a corrupt campaign finance system that enables multi-billionaires, along with some of the most powerful CEOs in America, to contribute many hundreds of millions of dollars to elect Republican candidates to represent their views,” Sanders writes. “As a result, the top one percent has been able to rig the political system to favor them at the expense of virtually everyone else.”

Thanks to this system, Sanders argues, most Americans are subjected to devastating austerity while the rich and politically influential — like the Koch brothers and the Walton family — continue to get richer, decade after decade.

“At a time when the middle class is shrinking and over 40 million Americans are living in poverty, this budget must be defeated and replaced with a plan that reflects the needs of the working families of our country,” Sanders concluded, “not just the wealthy, the powerful and large campaign contributors.”

House Republicans approved their own budget blueprint, which largely reflects the priorities of their Senate allies, earlier this month.

If the Senate version — which allows for $1.5 trillion in tax cuts and over $5 trillion in spending cuts — is approved later this week, the path will be paved for Republicans to “fast-track” their tax legislation without needing any Democratic support.


13 thoughts on “Republicans plan takes from the poor and middle class and gives to those living in incredible opulence

  1. #BillionaireLivesMatter, the rest of us not so much. :o/

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  2. Violet:

    Democrats and independent organizations have not only read the proposal, but also analyzed it. The result? The rich get all the bene’s, the middle class and poor get the shaft.

    If that’s what you are into… making the Trump crowd even more obscenely rich than they were before while cutting the heart out of the middle class then that’s your scene.

    It seems there’s another world leader who coddles his billionaires (and himself) while screwing his people. I think his name is Putin. Trump’s inspirational hero.

    If you like life in Russia, then Trump working out of the Putin playbook should be a big thrill for you.

    And by the way: “Let’s pass it then read it” was what the Republicans tried to get away with when working to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

    Again Violet, you appear to be confused.

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  3. Comrade Violet, Your trolling has the feel of Russian influence, which seems to dominate the top of your party right now. Keep all the money at the top, right.

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  4. This sounds like the same process used by Obama and Democrats to shove Obamacare down the country’s throat.
    This time, perhaps the Democrats will READ the legislation prior to voting.
    Remember…”We have to pass it to then read and understand it”.?


  5. You leftist pseudo-intellectuals always spew the same wrong-headed garbage. Anything and everything the Republicans want to do, you always say it benefits the ‘wealthy’. SHUT UP ALREADY. No common sense thinking person believes you. You all are just Trump haters. As long as Trump gets things done that you Lefties don’t like, this country has a real chance to recover from the 8 years of Obama’s limp-dick policies.


    • bigblok442:

      Here’s the problem us leftist psuedo-intelectuals have: In the past few years all the major legislative initiatives by the Republicans have indeed been a benefit to the “wealthy” to the detriment of everybody else.

      You see our problem? We are constrained by the Truth. We can’t say anything else because it would not be the Truth.

      You, on the other hand, don’t seem to suffer from that limitation.

      On the hatred issue I can only speak for myself: I hate no one, not even Donald Trump. I hope he lives a long, happy full-filled life… Outside of the White House. And I hope that journey starts real soon.

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  6. If you really want to see someone who looks confused, just watch any Pelosi recent press conference….


  7. This current discussion is at the core of how fractured our country has become. The congress is at a constipated stalemate between parties so trapped by ideology that they can’t make any moves toward compromise The leadership is only looking for a fight. The county sees this and follows their chosen dogma and march and fight, or buy bump stocks and blow people away at random. It is the ultimate in cultural self destructive behavior. This is a country in a crisis and no one will follow a centrist path. This is a prescription for CIVIL WAR folks.

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  8. This is all just horrible…why does Trump hate so many and why is everyone starting to hate, stereotype, judge, criticise each other… and they are all in regards to the extreme behavior of Trump and people agree or disagree about it ….but its all about injustices being done and decisions being made that only hurt us all….I don’t even think Trump will escape what he has been doing and already has done…but the things he is doing are causing people to become angry or fearful and worried and the two are clashing and the violent ones are becoming more openly violent…because it is all creating an atmosphere for that to happen….I personally am very afraid…I cry sometimes because I am so worried for my children’s future….what people are saying about it being ok to take from the poor, disabled, and elderly to give to Trump and all his family and his buddies and their families who are all very rich already …what is wrong with people it figures they target the people who cant defend themselves and that’s what people think of as ok…yes I am scared for the future because Trump is horrible and causing harm to us all

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  9. Looks like the Russian story is coming to a head, just not the one liberals envisioned. $145 million to the Clinton Foundation for the uranium rights. Even the democrats don’t seem to be disputing the story…..


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