Nobody is safe, in the city of Eureka, NOBODY

With the real possibility of Captain Stephens the officer in charge of the whole Tommy McClain negligent killing debacle being named police chief, we present the following Guest Post from Robin Christofferson:

There’s a lot that the public was never told about the murder of Tommy McClain. For instance, he never got into an argument with the kid in the black truck. I myself have read the kids statement, and he said Tommy never said a word to him. And I also went to the trial, and that was what the whole entire trial was based on, that Tommy got in an argument with that kid. So that’s why they approached Tommy in the first place. That and they said he had a gun. Not true. First off if you’re a cop and your hiding in the back of a cemetery… in the world could you hear an argument, then see a gun…and hear the sound of a gun being racked? I’m pretty sure officer McElroy doesn’t have superpowers, but yet the jury believed him. Probably because of the kid in the black truck…nobody saw his statement…because if they did…then I’m pretty sure that the outcome of that civil trial…would have led to criminal charges. But now the trail is over, Tommy’s family have been given “the box” and in it is the truth. This family I love as my own. And they Will never give up…..until the truth about that night comes out. And that will be soon. But until then…nobody is safe, in the city of Eureka Ca. Nobody.

Note from the Examiner: The McClain family’s legal counsel was never allowed by the Judge to completely present its whole case with its witnesses or evidence to challenge the basic premise of this failed enforcement action.
Federal Judges in these type civil cases have broad discretion as to what they will allow or not allow into evidence. In this case, a number of these decisions made by the Judge were very helpful to the accused Police officers and basically cut the legs out from under the McClain family’s case.

We would also bring to your attention that the statements of witnesses and family members have remained consistent from the beginning, while the EPD changed their story several times early on.


14 thoughts on “Nobody is safe, in the city of Eureka, NOBODY

  1. The noise of pulling the bolt back to load a round into the chamber of an automatic pistol probably can’t be duplicated by a pellet gun. Did the gun have a serial number? Where, and by whom, was it purchased? What better for a cop to carry as a throwaway gun than a toy that has no serial # and therefore can’t be traced? Surrounded by cops pointing guns at you why would he pull a toy gun? No evidence McClain was suicidal or otherwise so loaded/crazy that he’d do this. These questions were not raised.

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    • No Gun was found outside of Tommy’s room. The defense wouldn’t even show the gun at trial. They made up their whole story from the beginning to the end. Why was Tommy murdered with in 3 minutes after he posted on Facebook what a wonderful time he had with his cousin. Timeline….3 minutes after his post he was murdered. The big question is… when the police came back the next day, why were they looking for a gun in Tommy’s room if they had it already.

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    • And that’s funny you should say that about the serial numbers, because after Linfoot shot Tommy the officers had to turn over their Department issued Service weapons. Harkness, McElroy and Stephens were issued replacement weapons. In Wilcox’s report the weapon taken from McElroy listed as his EPD issued duty handgun. serial number EEY935. Was the same handgun issued back to him as a replacement gun. McElroy’s duty handgun is EEY945. The gun that McElroy turned in after the shooting was the same gun reissued to him as the replacement weapon. I could see it being some typ of typo but the person that McElroy handed that firearm to is not the same person that reissued the replacement gun. And there was a witness that lived next door to Tommy, the guys window faced Tommy’s frount yard. That guy told Detective Gordon in a interview that a officer ran from across the street, put rubber gloves on and reach under Tommy. He said he thought the cop was trying to stablelize Tommy. No body said nothing about that either.
      They fucken killed Tommy for what? Why?

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    • Yes the replica has a serial number, the person that purchased the BB gun was Todd Wilcox from the Eureka Police Department. The attorney Dale Galipo, gave us the box that held the case file, in the box was the receipt for the purchase of the replica. The Judge lifted the hold on Tommy’s things, my brother Lance McClain his girlfriend Robin and I drove up to Eureka to pick up Tommy’s belongings from the EPD. Among the things given back to us was the replica, I had the officer open the box that held the BB gun, I asked where was the BB gun that Tommy supposedly had because it was not the replica in the box. I confirm this with a photo Mills used at his press conference on October 1 2014. The photo Mills used was a Walther PPQ. The replica in the box was a Walther CP99 the same BB gun on the receipt showing the purchase.

      Tommy landed with his backside facing Linfoot. Tommy turned away trying to protect himself from Linfoots attack. Tommy did not reach for a gun because he did not have a gun !!!!!!!

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    • You show your true ignorance about firearms sir. Yes, both BB/pellet pistols and realistic airlift pistols today cone in innumerable models with fully functioning slides that function, sound, and look virtually identical to a real pistol. I own two.

      Furthmore, a “bolt” in terms of firearms refers to a bolt action (or AR-15 type) rifle typically and not a handgun.


      • To show your true ignorance, sir” Roy said….”probably”… couldn’t be duplicated….but Im pretty sure his point was about the serial number and “who purchased the replica. Also it doesn’t matter how intelligent person might seem or how ignorant people really are. The fact is the same replica that was used in court is the same replica purchased by officer Todd Wilcox.

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  2. But I thought that the attorney, Dale Galipo, was the second coming of Johnny Cochran? I recall predictions that he was going to drain the coffers of the city.


  3. Tommy didn’t deserve to die that way he had his entire life ahead of him. My thoughts go to his family. This is the 2nd time a unarmed person was killed Chris Burgess was a victim of epd’s Detective Liles then Officer Liles

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  4. There are15 photo’s Harphem took as he arrives to the scene of the shooting, 3 of those 15 photos show Harpham in Stephens vehicle in the attempt to retrieve the weapon Stephens said he placed on his floorboard. Not one photo was taken of the BB gun at the scene of the shooting. A BB gun appears at the EPD. But not untell after Harpham and Kirkpatrick go to Tommy’s residents, because they need to talk to Nikki’s mom Carina. Once the two men entered the apartment they started asking about Tommy’s room and is the door locked. On one of the audios we received you can hear Harphem tell Kirkpatrick that the doors not locked, Kirkpatrick said “what the doors not locked? Then he goes in to make sure no ones in there before they tape up the door. They go in for a few minutes come back out, secure the door and leave. Kirkpatrick goes to the DAs offices to get the warrant. Harpham goes back to the EPD to do a examination on a BB gun. He supposedly retrieved out of Stephens vehicle.

    That’s why Kirkpatrick’s report reads, that a search of the room and telephone, described in Exhibit 1A, will reveal the items sought, as listed in Exhibit 1B, that they will provide evidence of the event reported and
    will confirm and back up the officers statement.
    ” Despite the Lapse of Time”.

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  5. I know e are not supposed to find fault in the police considering they risk their lives to protect us. But it seems like Eureka’s police officers have this preconceived notion that everyone is a potential threat. Chief Mills I want to say that’s the most closed minded remark I have ever heard. Everyone has the potential of being a threat. A mother trying to protect her children, a father trying to protect his family. A old couple walking down the street, the old man could be potentially dangerous if he’s put into a situation protecting his wife. We all have the potential of something. By telling me the officers thought Tommy was a potential threat. Your more or less condoning their actions. You can never be part of the solution when youre part of the problem yourself.

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  6. The case was lost because THERE WAS NO CASE!


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