Nice try Trumpies; MSNBC-Maddow dodges a potential credibility assassination  

Maddow: “I feel like I need to send this up like a flare for other news organizations in particular.”

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said she had a “strange scoop” to share with audiences Thursday night after receiving what she believes is a meticulously forged document sent over her tip line with the intention to discredit her.
“I feel like I need to send this up like a flare for other news organizations in particular,” Maddow said. “That’s part of what I’m intending to do here with this story tonight.”
Over the next 20 minutes, the MSNBC host discussed how her show received a document, purportedly from the National Security Agency, labeled as classified and filled with such bombshells about Russia that Maddow said if it were authentic, it would be a “gun still firing proverbial bullets.” But after careful examination, which she describes in great detail, her show deemed the document a forgery.
“We believe now that the real story we have stumbled upon here is that somebody out there is shopping carefully forged documents to try to discredit news agencies reporting on the Russian attack on our election, and specifically on the possibility that the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians in mounting that attack,” she said.
The MSNBC host pointed to a recent report that led CNN to retract a story on Russia and led three top staffers who worked on the story to resign, as well as Vice News’ retraction of two Trump-related stories just last week.
“This is news because why is someone shopping a forged document of this kind to news organizations covering the Trump-Russia affair?” Maddow asked.
The MSNBC host and her staff compared the document they received with the leaked NSA document The Intercept published in early June, which led to the arrest of federal contractor Reality Leigh Winner.
Maddow and her staff believe the document they received was created by copying and pasting aspects of the document The Intercept published. There were additional elements that also raised red flags, Maddow said.

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11 thoughts on “Nice try Trumpies; MSNBC-Maddow dodges a potential credibility assassination  

  1. Looks like Maddow learned his lesson from the Trump tax return debacle….


  2. just watching— Did you really mean to call Maddow a man? HER first name is Rachel? Was it a slip of the tongue or to say only a man can have complex thoughts?

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    • been there done that:

      I think it is just because he is homophobic.

      Folks like that let loose with something they think is an insult which to the rest of us is just comes off as being monumentally stupid.

      Again, just another variation on his normal patter.

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  3. This is a very interesting story, not the least because it is perfectly in sync with the “fake news” campaign that is being directed by the “head” (oxymoron intended) of this administration. If the implicaitons are true, it is a dirtier trick than anything Lee Atwater ever conceived.

    One detail that my overly paranoid mind fixed on: Why do computer printers (laster jet, ink jet?) have unique signatures (the yellow dots)? Is there a legitimate business reason for this? How did all the competing manufacturers come up with the same system? Was it a gov’t directive to allow for tracking of documents or did the businesses themselves come up with it? Why?

    I certainly had never head of this before but I am gong to spend some time looking at my documents now. If this is true, it certainly would be something litigators in a wide variety of fields (especially complext commercial and financial litigation) could be able to make use of.

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  4. WOW….post(tweet) one simple thing, then sit back and watch everyone lose their minds. Sound familiar to anyone? Looks like you’ve been confeve’d…


  5. Maddow may have dealt a critical blow to “fake news”. MSM is on notice to thoroughly check their sources, and he deserves the credit.


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