Former EPD good ol’ boys are finally getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar!!!


Thanks to a complaint from a concerned citizen and the questioning of Ryan Burns from the Lost Coast Outpost, it looks like the FBI and the State Attorney General’s office will be looking into the Coroner’s handling of estate properties.  And by handling, we mean the most extreme “low-balling” of the purchase price and outright theft of deceased people’s property:

Great “ethical standards” law enforcement!!!  Stealing from the dead or potential family members of the deceased is just plain low.  But that’s business as usual at the Eureka Police Dept(EPD) and in Humboldt’s Good Ol’ Boy network. Wait, EPD you say?  Why would we put EPD into a story about the Sheriff-Coroner sales of property that appears on the face of it illegal?  The reason is that former EPD officers (not Sergeants or Lieutenants) Frank Jager and Dave Parris have run the coroner’s office since the nineties!

Mills and Downey

When we first heard about the selling off of deceased people’s property to county employees, Eureka Mayors, and their family members: we weren’t at all surprised.  We’ve been getting tips for years that people who’ve had their property seized in marijuana raids have later seen their ATV’s and trailers being used/owned by the same officers who raided their property.  But what the hell could we do about that? Who would believe us? If people in the drug trade don’t complain, the problem would just persist.

However, in this case, we have some hope.  At first, we were pretty worried.  Newly minted Sheriff William “Billy” Honsal gave an interview to Ryan Burns, in which he talked about the new “investigation” he was calling for.  The “independent” investigator would be hired by the HCSO, to look into the corruption that was happening under Billy Honsal’s nose when he was in command or second-in-command at the Sheriff’s office:

In that same article, Honsal was quoted as saying, “I don’t want to get too specific into the investigation because I want the independent investigator at the DA’s Office to evaluate the entire investigation and then make a referral to the DA based upon that, but the idea is there is a government code section that basically says no property shall be sold to any current employees of the Coroner’s Office or Public Administrator.”

Now that quote was when we started to get worried and started asking questions to our sources at the County and City of Eureka.  Our worst fears of corruption and potential cover-up had been confirmed, …..that is until today’s announcement from DA Fleming.  Congratulations and respect to DA Magie Fleming for requesting the State and Federal Government to investigate this case.  Maybe some truth will come out of this investigation and criminals (whether elected or not) will be held to account.

But even before this investigation gets underway, it would be nice for the community to understand who the players involved in this good ol’ boy theft of property were, and why those connections had us so worried about what may happen.

NCJ photo of Jager

First, we have former EPD officer Frank Jager, currently the Mayor of Eureka, who was the Humboldt County Coroner from 1999 until 2009. Then in 2009, the Department was taken over by Dave Parris.  Parris ran the department until it was consolidated with the HCSO in 2015.

Paris and Downey

Interesting to note that both Jager and Parris were police officers at the Eureka Police Department.  Neither of them promoted above the rank of officer (?), but both of them ended up running the Detectives Bureau at EPD at different times. Their rise to the top position of County Coroner was filled with lots of glad-handing, favors and out and out corruption.  It’s also important to notice that these men went to prayer breakfasts in the morning and then stole from dead people during the day. (Not a big surprise to the Examiner)

To top that off, Billy Honsal, a regular prayer breakfast attendee is the son of William Honsal Sr.  William Honsal Sr. was a former EPD Captain who was known for several officer-involved shootings.  Honsal Sr. is BFF’s with recently retired evangelical Sheriff Downey, who hired Honsal Jr. from an outside agency as the under-sheriff, groomed him as his heir and then promoted him to Sheriff when he left suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly earlier this year.

But it goes further from there!  Until DA Fleming made her bold move the investigation of Jager and Parris would have been under the direction of Chief DA Investigator Wayne Cox.  Cox was an officer at EPD before becoming a DA Investigator.  Cox was given the Investigator and Chief position by his former boss, Mike Hislop.  Hislop was a former EPD Sergeant who got the position of Chief DA Investigator from his father in law, Jim Dawson.  Now the EPD connections are obvious here, and there’s clearly a built-in bias if Cox was to head an investigation into fellow former fellow EPD officers Jager and Parris.

But it goes even further from there….   You see, many sources have reported to us that Mike Hislop was a thief of the first order back in his days in power.  In fact, we’ve been told that he had a hanger at the Eureka airport filled with lots military surplus gear he obtained when he was a Peace Officer.  That gear was supposed to be utilized by the agency he worked for, but there’s been accusations and speculation that the gear never made it to his employers. And military gear was just the tip of the iceberg for tips about Hislops corruption and thefts.  So you see why we were a little worried that Hislop’s minion Wayne Cox might not look seriously into corruption and theft.

Hopefully, the FBI looks into this as a very “broad” investigation.  Maybe they can flesh out whether the theft/sale of deceased people’s property was an isolated corrupt practice, or was part of a broader theft of community member’s property (such as drug seizures, Military Surplus given to departments, unclaimed property, ect.).

As a side note, this investigation and corruption couldn’t have been a surprise to former Sheriff Mike Downey or soon to be former Chief Andy Mills.

The Examiner has to ask. Did they leave their post’s early knowing shit was about to hit the fan?  That’s as good an explanation as any of the questionable statements we heard from them when they announced their departures!!!

Good luck Federal and State authorities, bring your hip boot waders you’re stepping into some deep shit!!!

14 thoughts on “Former EPD good ol’ boys are finally getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar!!!

  1. Wayne Cox and relation to former Sheriff Gene Cox? Now HE was a piece of work…

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  2. Dig deep enough and there is sure to be a Russian connection!


  3. Why all the nepotism? I can only imagine the frustration of the hardworking career officers that know no matter how dedicated, hard-working, or honest they may try to be – that top jobs are spoon fed to relatives. Cronyism, nepotism, and corruption are a toxic mix and none of them can exist without the other. Where are the standard policies and internal controls that any agency that wants to maintain integrity implement?

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  4. another ” whodunnit mystery ” for the Chief…


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  6. I may be able to top your story of corrupt local authorities, I have a case where they took my property before I was dead, used chemicals with intent to cause serious injury or death. And people actually ask me why did I move. Duh. because I was being murdered for my property. On the bright side I believe I am the only person to have suffered such an intentional, brutal attack in the USA. Dark side is that I did survive and I want this enterprise of self-serving criminals prosecuted by the justice system. I cannot believe that most people think this doesn’t affect them, so don’t get involved. No prosecution is like giving local officials the green light to violate all laws. My case weighs heavily on violations of Federal law and my rights given by the Bill of Rights. “Never to be taken” chaps my ass. I have had opinions that the actions taken to acquire my property are not a violation of Federal law. I certainly feel like I was gang raped by the government, City, County and State of Iowa. You would think if anyone had evidence that would support having my property taken by using chemicals as a weapon they would provide me with that evidence, wouldn’t you. Saying there has been no violation of Federal law is hearsay. I will put up my 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 10th Amendment right against evidence that conflicts with my evidence. How about that? I hear only silence and no response from the current authorities. No defensive oral attempt to justify these animals. Who would anyone suggest would be the higher government official with the duty to oversee a county attorney, a couple sheriffs officers and an entire city of elected officials? Who can I call and actually speak to on the telephone? I have found nobody.


  7. Downey is definitely corrupt. He was Sheriff during the Garrett Rodriguez missing person and murder cases. He refused to investigate both cases. At first he told Garrett’s father that there was no evidence Garrett ever came to Humboldt county. Later, when a source told a private investigator he had witnessed Garrett’s murder and burial, the PI told Humboldt County Sheriff detectives. Downey explained that “rumors” did not give them “probably cause” and they would not hold up in court. He also said the land was private property and the Sheriff department couldn’t go there. (???)

    Well, that is why you investigate and build a case. But Downey didn’t want to do that. Why? Did the killer have knowledge and or evidence of Downey’s corruption?

    Finally, an unofficial posse confronted the killer and forced him to confess to the murder, and then to take them to the body. After the killer led them to the body, he was dropped off at the emergency room (he had been shot during questioning).
    Despite the fact that this man had just led a group of witnesses to the murdered body of his employee, Sheriff Downey determined that there was no probable cause to investigate his role in the murder.

    I am guessing the killer was somehow involved with the corrupt Sheriff and his cohorts in their theft of property from people who ‘went missing’. The Sheriff knew that arresting this man would result in the exposure of their illegal theft of dead people’s property. That theory seems plausible to me.

    That the corrupt Sheriff and his cohorts clothe themselves as pious, religious, Christians also makes sense. It is not uncommon for corrupt people to masquerade as honest, upright individuals. Sometimes they are assuaging the feelings of guilt they have by joining the church, and performing ‘good works’. They may even ‘donate’ some of their ill gotten gains to the church or other charitable causes. This helps them rationalize their criminal activity, and it also prevents people from suspecting that they may not be on the up and up.
    And they have plenty of character references should they ever be caught and go to trial.

    People like Mike Downey look good and honest on the outside. But they are the lowest of the low in society. They are worse than the people they arrest. They have abused the trust placed in them. They have violated their oaths. They have taken the power of government, an enormous power, and used it against the citizens who they have sworn to protect. They make a mockery of justice, and prevent its achievement.
    They prevent the capture and prosecution of criminals instead of aiding the process; because they know that truth and justice are their enemies. Truth and justice would expose them and result in their perdition.

    They cannot escape justice forever. They don’t believe it, but their souls live on after their bodies have died, and they will not be able to hide their crimes or escape justice in the afterlife.


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