‘Run, Serve, Lead! Local Activists and Policymakers to Host Community Workshop


For Immediate Release


Local Activists and Policymakers to Host Community Workshop

ARCATA, CA (May 30, 2017) – The North Coast People’s Alliance (NCPA) will present a workshop titled ‘Run, Serve, Lead! – Introduction to Civic Engagement’ on Friday, June 9th, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Arcata Playhouse (1251 9th Street, Arcata). The event is free of charge.

The workshop will provide fundamental information for anyone considering running for office, applying to serve on an appointed board or commission, volunteering for a local campaign, or simply becoming a more actively engaged citizen.

County Supervisor Mike Wilson, Arcata City Council Member Sofia Pereira, Eureka City Council Member Kim Bergel, McKinleyville Community Services District member Mary Burke, and Northern Humboldt Union High School Board member Dana Silvernale will participate in a panel discussion and audience Q&A session, and NCPA volunteers will share important resources and information pertaining to civic engagement.

Refreshments will be available for purchase at the Playhouse concession stand.

The North Coast People’s Alliance evolved from Northern Humboldt for Bernie, a grassroots campaign that helped to secure a local landslide victory for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary, with 70% of Humboldt County Democratic voters casting their ballot for Sanders – the highest margin in all of California. After the primary, NCPA members decided to continue to work together to build an organization to empower ordinary people to become more engaged in political processes.

For more information contact:

Tamara McFarland

(707) 633-6340 / (707) 599-2951

mcfarlanddesigns@gmail.com or hello@northcoastpeoplesalliance.org

North Coast People’s Alliance

840 E Street, #3

Eureka, CA 95501

(707) 739-NCPA(6272)



5 thoughts on “‘Run, Serve, Lead! Local Activists and Policymakers to Host Community Workshop

  1. Dear Mike Wilson, why have you buried our coastal
    wetland delineations?

    In the Manila Dunes we’ve begun ‘wasting’ and have already lost four ponds and acres of marshland due to lack of protections at a time where wetlands equate to resilience from sea-level rise. Your blatant dishonesty is destroying our coastline.


  2. “The North Coast Progressives Alliance (NCPA) ”
    There, fixed that for ya.
    They don’t represent all the people of the northcoast, and shouldn’t be lying that they do.


    • You’ll have to come up with a better riff than that. They have never claimed to “represent all the people of the northcoast”.
      It clearly states who they are and where they came from in the press release above

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