….and the “Dumbass Award” goes to….City of Eureka and the Harbor District

But first…..

A brief Baykeeper Off-channel dredging tutorial:
Off-channel dredging is done on a 7-to 10-year cycle. The marinas were last dredged in 2007. At that time, the Harbor District was told by several state and federal agencies that they’d need to come up with a new plan to dispose of the dredge spoils in the future, since dumping on the beach would not be allowed again due to the potential impacts to the public.

The material dredged from the marinas and docks is mostly fine sediment that originates upslope and flows into the bay from tributaries like Freshwater Creek. Contamination is a concern, since dioxins tend to bind to fine sediment, and are very persistent and extremely toxic to humans and wildlife. In 2007, Baykeeper prevented the dredge spoils from being dumped on the beach until testing for dioxins and PCBs was done. At that time, dioxins were detected above background levels at both marinas and most docks. Dredging was not done at docks with higher levels of dioxins and PCBs, since there was no plan for proper disposal of contaminated spoils.

from LoCO:
EPA Says Eureka, Harbor District Should Have Known Dredging Disposal on the Beach Wouldn’t be Allowed

It has been a decade since Eureka’s public marina and the Woodley Island Marina were dredged to remove the sediment that accumulates on the floor of Humboldt Bay, and with the heavy rainfall over the last two years that sediment has built up to the point where boats are left nestled in mud, unable to leave the docks for hours at a time. Roughly 200,000 cubic yards of sediment needs to be removed.

Until late last week, the City of Eureka and the Humboldt County Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District, the two agencies responsible for performing maintenance dredging, planned to dump the dredge spoils on a beach along the Samoa Peninsula, as they have for years.

Late last week, though, the Environmental Protection Agency rejected that plan, sending local officials back to the drawing board. This caused much consternation for Miles Slattery, director of Eureka’s Parks and Recreation Department, who argued adamantly that beach disposal would be the least environmentally damaging option available.

But officials with the EPA told the Outpost in an email that local decision-makers were instructed nearly 20 years ago to make alternate plans for the dredge spoils, and they were reminded again in 2007.


read more at: https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2017/may/5/epa-says-eureka-harbor-district-should-have-known/

Ten years ago they were told they couldn’t do it.
So what did the City of Eureka and the Harbor District do in the last decade…………..not a damn thing!
This is a classic Arkley technique, disregard the warnings and rules and wait until the last minute for some type of contrived emergency, hoping to have the regulations waved.

Sorry, Eureka Parks and Recreation and Harbor District, The Environmental Protection Agency shot down your plans. Local environmental groups had warned you many times this wouldn’t be acceptable, but nevertheless you persisted. So don’t go blaming the Coastal Commission and the EPA for your own arrogant stupidity, it’s all on you.



14 thoughts on “….and the “Dumbass Award” goes to….City of Eureka and the Harbor District

  1. How they got the pipe through the forested dunes- pulled through with Caterpillar, blade down, right through an ESHA (Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area) essentially fragmenting the peninsula in the process.

    Thanks for the report.

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  2. Finally, a TE article that I agree with.


  3. They never think the rules apply to them


  4. Behind the emerald curtain has a whole different meaning for officials in Humboldt. You can’t see me so I’ll do it and so there. So much for hiding by putting your head in the sand, or should I say “toxic dredging material”. This city and harbor district are for ever making boneheaded decisions. The toxic land under and around the bay has produced genetic mutations in Humboldt officials for three generations now. Correcting their wrong pigheadedness costs more and more every year they are allowed to continue. Stand up and be counted!!!


  5. Just like sewage.fertility is consumed by algae,that can double every 24 hours.containing 20 to 80% oil . biodiesal.algae is like money.accidental algae kills off the whales and feeds domonic bloom,that makes birds and seals attack people.with teeth and beaks.


  6. I see you some how tied Arkley to this mess.
    All the while the 2 million dollar boon doggle Harbor District dredge sits idle like a lot of us predicted it would. Lucky for Crider’s buddy they bought it from. Now it looks like the City of Eureka and the Harbor District will likely have to hire a clam shell dredge from out of the area. This way all they have to do is barge the spoils our to the dumping grounds.
    As long as the Baykeepers and the Harbor District are bought and paid for by Pacific Seafoods this crap will continue to happen.


    • Arkley’s tactics not the man, unless you want to share Monte? Baykeeper is not bought and paid for by anyone but it’s members.

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      • Ever wonder why Baykeepers were totally silent about the oyster bed expansion? It just coincided with a $10,000 donation from PS. Just look at how much they have invested in keeping some commissioners on the board.

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      • Baykeeper was not silenced, They took the position that the expansion was way too large. The project was later greatly downsized.


      • I don’t know who is or isn’t pulling strings but what appears to be a “Regulatory Capture” are the projects
        we see along the coast where every method from children’s hands to excavator is used to rip-out the vegetation that has stabilized our coastline for a hundred years.
        In Manila alone we’ve lost a 30′ primary-dune, four federally delineated ponds, acres of marshes,
        wildlife and stability.

        NO REPORT from the Baykeeper,
        NO REORT from Surfrider (their own policy specialist lives directly east of this catastrophe)
        NO REPORT from Friends of the Dunes (they profiteered by the acre)
        NO REPORT Manila CSD (Lead Agent CEQA) with
        sewer-ponds inboard of primary dune.
        NO REPORT County of Humboldt (Responsible Agent CEQA) wrote the Permits under a Neg. Dec.
        NO REPORT USFWS Delineated the wetlands, gave them 250′ buffers, then pulled vegetation til the wetlands drained.
        NO REPORT CDF&G prioritizes wetlands for wildlife management.
        NO REPORT California Coastal Commission prioritizes wetlands state requirement
        NO REPORT from HBMWD whose infrastructure lies inboard of the primary dune.

        Now that they’ve ignored our stability for 30 years and
        now newly destabilized, we are being told to “make resilient.” by Troy Nicolini NWS, when asked if he understood the relationship between removing vegetation and destabilization, he replied that he didn’t want to go there.

        We are screwed by the very people who are being paid to protect our coastal Natural Resources.


      • To clarify, sandserat is referring to non-native species.

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  7. I don’t quite get the reference to Pacific Seafoods controlling the harbor dist. and Baykeepers. How did these entities cause this to happen? PS wants a clean water bay and the harbor district wants to dump toxins on the north spit beach?
    As far as arkley; do a little research and you will find he tried to manipulate the coastal commission and the EPA so he could develop his water front land without doing proper cleanup of toxins which are leaching into the bay, even now. He tried all sorts of half measures which would have dumped lots more toxins into the bay. That would have ended the oyster production.

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  8. What measured toxins are we talking about here? If I remember right all the testing showed toxin levels just fine.
    Yes the Harbor District failed once again to have this all permitted and good to go. While I would like to see a better solution dumping the sediments on the beach just dissipates them into the current and thus onto the beaches. Not much harm there. Ugly sure , but not seriously detrimental considering the proposed alternatives.
    I will need to verify but I understand that these sediments came from the Eel River and thus have already been in the ocean.
    From what we were told at the Humboldt Bay symposium there is a sediment deficit coming into the bay from the Elk River and Jacoby Creek. That is only a problem if we want to build shoreline topography. Which we do.
    One of the “solutions” would be to distribute the dock side sediments into bay shoreline areas to elevate shorelines and stabilized with vegetation. Trying to eradicate the very vegetation (spartina) that is excellent at trapping these sediments is counter productive to that goal.


    • There are no Eel River sediments in the marina, the Eel R. sediments are in the south lung. In the marina are Freshwater and Jacoby sediment.
      We in the north peninsula were promised that a repeat of the disgraceful “pump it on the beach” would not happen.


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