A righteous Thad Greenson smackdown

After copious bragging about their journalism award in almost every issue for the last 2 months, the journal actually published a letter that accurately calls out the Journal, and Thadeus Greenson for reporting and spinning what sells…not what actually matters.


Letter in the journal :

A Mr. Jim Hight (Mailbox, April 20) wrote to complain about Supervisor Bohn’s comments he heard on the radio and their unfairness to local weekly newspapers regarding the hiring of David Marcus as public defender. Supposedly, the supervisor stated [the press] just make things up to sell newspapers. The writer went on to say that he has worked with and known the employees of the Journal for many years and that they wouldn’t make up stories or facts. These individuals are devoted to honest, fair and accurate reporting.

I know no employees at the Journal,nor anyone else in news media in Humboldt County. However, I was an employee of College of the Redwoods and, this past Feb. 24, I passed along information regarding fraud, waste and abuse I saw first-hand while an employee there that had gone on for many years. The Journal’s news editor, Mr. Greenson, contacted me and requested additional information. I sent him the names and telephone numbers of past and present employees who could corroborate what I had written. I even wrote that if he had any difficulty getting in touch with anyone, that I could send him more names and numbers.

Now, two months later and I’ve yet to hear back from Mr. Greenson nor has my story been published. Why? I’m inclined to believe that the reporting of heavy-handed employees of the EPD or the inability of local politicians to do their job sells more ad revenue than a story regarding fraud, waste or abuse.

So although there’s fair, accurate and honest reporting at the NCJ, what will get reported and brought to the public’s attention is another matter entirely.

If a single letter can bite one in the ass, I’d say this one certainly qualifies. Talk about calling the kettle black!

T Kirschbaum, Fields Landing


4 thoughts on “A righteous Thad Greenson smackdown

  1. With respect: I don’t think the Tuluwat Examiner is on the side of the angels here.

    In my personal life I don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone blow on about one conspiracy or another only to find the individual in question, no matter how well spoken (or seemingly well informed), was full of it.

    It could very well have been the North Coast Journal took a look at Mr. Kirschbaum’s evidence and found it wanting.

    I’m not saying what the letter writer says is true or not. I don’t know the facts of the issue. Nor, do I think, is the staff of the Tuluwat Examiner in a position to know. In short, you do not have any evidence that the North Coast Journal is involved in a “cover up” (I am assuming the Tuluwat Examiner would say if it did).

    I don’t have a chimpanzee in this fight (chimps are far more aggressive then dogs), I just think in this case the Tuluwat Examiner has quite possibly made a mistake in highlighting Mr. Kirschbaum’s claims without examining the facts for itself (and attempting to start a pointless slap-fight with the North Coast Journal in the process).

    However, if Mr. Kirschbaum should provide his evidence to the Tuluwat Examiner then perhaps we can settle this issue.


    • His collusion with EPD Chief Mills is what is particularly stuck in our craw and we’ve heard this charge before as well.

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      • Fair enough. But I think you left yourselves vulnerable on this particular issue.

        Credibility is a coin best loaned with miserly care (never spent). That goes for the North Coast Journal as well as the Tuluwat Examiner.

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      • We re-published the letter that was in the Journal itself. We have no idea whether this particular letter is true or false.
        We think we have identified a pattern.

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