The Syrian flip flops – Plus the bonus advance tip off of Trump’s besties in Russia and Syria

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson revealed late Thursday that the U.S. warned Russia that they would be bombing the airfield in Homs, Syria since there was Russian military in the vicinity.

ABC News reported early Friday that the Syrian military seemed to know that something might happen. Eyewitnesses claim the military then evacuated personnel and moved equipment before the strike took place.

The United States dropped 59 Tomahawk missiles on the Shayrat airbase at approximately 8:40 p.m. EST. The bombs were aimed at refueling stations and aircraft.

Clearly this was a political stunt to divert your attention. So with the usual distractions not working Trump tries military action to divert your attention, so don’t pay attention to the blatant hypocrisy and racist double standard being applied by these Republicans.

Background: In 2013, President Barack Obama went to Congress to ask for an authorization of force against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — and he was turned down, in large part thanks to opposition from Republicans in Congress.

Here are some of the Republican hypocritical flip-flops on Syria that have happened over the last four years.

1.) Donald Trump. Trump is, of course, the most notable person to change his mind on the merits of attacking Syria. In 2012 and 2013, he regularly attacked Obama for his desire to get involved with the Syrian conflict, and even suggested at one point that Obama would go to war with Syria to boost his flagging poll numbers.

     9 Oct 2012 Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in tailspin – watch for him to        launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate. 

     2 Sep 2013 Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump If the U.S. attacks Syria and hits the wrong targets, killing civilians, there will be worldwide hell to pay. Stay away and fix broken 

     30 Aug 2013 Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria-big mistake if he does not! 

     3 Sep 2013 Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump What I am saying is stay out of Syria.                                                               

  1. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). Although Ryan gave Trump his approval for Thursday night’s airstrikes, in 2013 he said that Obama’s proposed military strike “cannot achieve its stated objectives” and could make things worse.
  2. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT). On Thursday evening, Chaffetz sent out a tweet that read, “God bless the USA!” But in 2013, he said he would oppose the use of force in Syria on the grounds that he saw “no clear and present danger” to the United States that would justify using force.
  3. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN). Blackburn announced in 2013 that she would oppose Obama’s Syrian airstrike after being briefed. On Thursday evening, she approvingly re-tweeted President Trump’s quote that “no child of God should ever suffer such horror.”
  4. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Although Rubio has been blanketing the airwaves praising Trump’s airstrikes, in 2013 he said that “I have long argued forcefully for engagement in empowering the Syrian people, I have never supported the use of U.S. military force in the conflict.”
  5. Sen. Orin Hatch (R-UT). Hatch gave Trump’s actions an “amen” on Twitter Thursday evening, but in 2013 he said that he had “strong reservations about authorizing the use of force against Syria.”
  6. Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX). Olson cited his experience as a Navy veteran as a reason for opposing the use of force against Syria in 2013. Now, however, he is cheering on Trump by praising the president for doing what Obama would not.
  7. Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL). The congressman on Thursday night gushed about Trump’s airstrike, but in 2013 he worried that Obama had not done enough to seek a “diplomatic” solution to the crisis.
  8. Rep. Larry Buschon (R-IN). In 2013, the congressman opposed intervention in Syria on the grounds that he hadn’t met a single person in his district “who believes we should fire missiles into Syria.”
  9. Sen. Corey Gardener (R-CO). In 2013, Gardener expressed “skepticism” of striking Syria and argued that he didn’t see “a compelling and vital” national interest in such an attack. On Thursday evening, he called Trump’s strike against Syria a “long-overdue action.”

7 thoughts on “The Syrian flip flops – Plus the bonus advance tip off of Trump’s besties in Russia and Syria

  1. See my blog for my comments. This is meant as a distraction and Trump requires adult supervision.

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  2. Who would you pick as an adult? The republicans are a little short right now on certified adults. It is trump’s sandbox now and he will play with his tonka toys any way he wants and will also kick sand at anyone who objects. He is thumbing his nose at the thoughtful ones.

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  3. we should thank DJT for exposing how ineffective the Tomahawks are against the Russian supplied air defense systems, as only 23 of the 59 were said to have landed where they were supposed to.
    Good for the Russian MIC, and probably some emergency upgrade contracts for Raytheon.
    No chemical weapons were detected at the airfield, so it did not disprove Russia’s claim the rebels had a stash of chemical weapons that were hit.
    Russia was supposed to have removed all the chemical weapons from Syria:
    1. either Russia didn’t remove all the chem weapons
    2. Russia resupplied Assad at the airfield
    3. someone else resupplied Syria, not likely imo
    3. rebels did have a stash and it really was hit, and perhaps intentionally as the locations seems to have been ‘leaked’, Syria said they attacked a weapons bunker.

    Then someone attacked the hospital..somebody did, who knows who?…perhaps US intell who tracked the planes to that airfield, so they say.


    • CBS reported that 58 of 59 missiles found their intended target….

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      • thanks, yes, that’s also true they reported that, the earlier report was without the RT, russian television origin, so fake news, I more believe the CBS report now.
        I fell for it…and that is what happens with Version1 of anything, especially today with evil mf’s spitting out fake news bullshit right away, it’s pretty bad.
        Best to check sources as best you can, as soon as you can


  4. Trump was just getting rid of old ordinance the cheap way.

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