No justice……..just a promotion

Guest post from Lance McClain:

Still there will be no justice for my son Tommy mcclain. As I sit here still dealing with my life without my son, life goes on for everybody else. IF only everybody knew what really happened, how we got thrown under the bus by our own attorney, how we were sold out. The papers say that the Mcclain family found this case a win? <strong>Far from the truth</strong>. Everything that was said, wass all a lie. Now I read that the case was dismissed by the Mcclain family for a money judgement? All a lie.
I still have no interest in any kind of money they want to offer. I want that cop to be held for his actions. That’s what the Mcclain family wants.
Still to this day. The courts in this case are corrupt. Just as much as the lawyers are, so many things were never brought up in court that could have proved my son Tommy had nothing to do with his own death. But, nothing was ever said. The person in the truck that the police claim had a confrontation with tommy. All a lie. Never was there a conversation between Tommy and that person. They made the hole story up, but yet our attorney never said nothing. Let them run with that lie. The defence made there hole case up on a lie and got away with it. I can go on and tell you every lie they made but it won’t get me anywhere. There is no J in justice, just like there ain’t no son in my life.


5 thoughts on “No justice……..just a promotion

  1. Thank you for sharing you’re perspective. I can’t imagine how you feel. I especially can’t imagine having your child killed by police unlawfully, and then watching the perpetrators get promoted.

    Shame on the city of Eureka, and shame on Mills.

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  2. Linfoot gets off and promoted then goes full psycho firing how many rounds in downtown Eureka? Where’s the accountability? The City Council should step up.

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  3. The audio concluded the officers on the scene simultaneously gave McClain conflicting commands such as” Come Down Here”, “Get Down Here”, “Get Down” “Keep Your Hands Up” “Get Down On The Ground” One of the very last two commands heard is the voice of officer Linfoot’s shouting “Get Down” another officer’s voice yelling “Stop” within seconds prior to officer Linfoot shooting McClain. This information was not revealed to the public.
    Blaming Tommy for dropping his hands is a ridiculous excuse for officers Linfoot’s actions. None of the officers witnessed Tommy touch a firearm or pull one from his waistband, Tommy attempted to get down when officer Linfoot command him to do so.
    this is not an isolated incident. The mayor and members of the council have delegated their responsibilities and authority. They have not taken a stand to protect the people in the community.
    People open your eyes, “there’s a serious threat to the welfare and safety to the people in Eureka.


    • I, for one, was always hoping to hear what happened. The “court reporting” was unbelievable, meaning no local “journalist ” showed up day to day and reported.

      As far as I know, that was the first federal case held locally with the Eureka Police ad defendants. Shame on all local journalists for not showing up. This was a local story with a local jury. The verdict…..believe it or not from the local media, was against epd got negligence/wrongful death.

      Very sorry Mr. McClain.


  4. Mills has not been forth coming about the details of the incident. He has made several comments publicly that contradict with the facts stated in the reports. He commented the police can not arrest themselves out of the problem, but I say something has to be done if the cause of the problem are the officers themselves.
    EPD Ronald Harpham labeled the death of Tommy justified homicide. A mistake is never justified and Linfoots intentions to shoot Tommy on the ground was not a mistake. Tommy’s death certificate says, he was in altercation with the police of Eureka but all he was doing was standing in his yard. 
    The jury disregarded the fact that Tommy’s hands were raised, completely ignored the fact that Tommy was commanded to get down right before he was shot. Payed no attention to the testimony of eyewitness Nikki Mottern and despite the professional opinion of the experts, the jury ruled that Eureka Police Department (EPD) Officer Linfoot did not use excessive or unnecessary force. 
    The defendants case was built around hypothetical, speculation and assumptions, there was nothing, no evidence weighing on the behalf of the officers testimony
    except the other officers statements.  
    It has been definitely difficult coming to terms with the officers’ unethical behavior, if I wasn’t personally living it I wouldn’t believe it myself.” Tommy McClain was only 22 years old, worked full time and had no criminal background, “he was a good kid and did not deserve to die.”
    Now ask yourselves do the EPD really need a reason to confront someone or shoot them dead on the spot.


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