FBI Director James Comey owns this disaster

James Comey Elected Donald Trump President

From Mother Jones:  Engagement Labs is a company that tracks “what people are talking about.” Brad Fay, one of their executives, tells us that during the presidential campaign people were talking very negatively about everyone. They were more negative about Donald Trump, but they were plenty negative about Hillary Clinton too. However, the gap between the candidates changed from time to time based on external events:

Most decisively, there was a sudden change in the net sentiment results that followed immediately after FBI Director James Comey released his Oct. 28 letter to Congress about a renewed investigation of Clinton emails. Immediately afterwards, there was a 17-point drop in net sentiment for Clinton, and an 11-point rise for Trump, enough for the two candidates to switch places in the rankings, with Clinton in more negative territory than Trump. At a time when opinion polling showed perhaps a 2-point decline in the margin for Clinton, this conversation data suggests a 28-point change in the word of mouth “standings.” The change in word of mouth favorability metric was stunning, and much greater than the traditional opinion polling revealed.

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words:

In late October, Clinton leads Trump by 24 points in the Engagement Labs survey. Two days after the Comey letter is released, Trump is ahead by 4 points. Trump kept that lead until Election Day.

Once again: Clinton did nothing particularly wrong in her campaign. She didn’t ignore working-class whites. She wasn’t too cautious on policy. She didn’t overestimate the impact of educated voters. She wasn’t complacent. What happened was simple: 12 days before the election, the FBI director released a letter saying he had found a brand-new trove of emails and implying that this might finally be the smoking gun about her private email server. That’s it.

We’ll never know for sure if James Comey did this because he’s terminally stupid and didn’t realize what impact it would have, or if he did it knowing full well what impact it would have. But he did it. And that’s why Donald Trump is president.



5 thoughts on “FBI Director James Comey owns this disaster

  1. So how long do you think these guys can go before they collapse under the weight of their misdeeds? The pile of crap is getting pretty high. Even trump seems more subdued this week.

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    • I remember Nixon’s last days. On hindsight, things happened pretty fast. But at the time, it seemed like Tricky Dicky just hung on and on.

      Remember in Nixon’s case the good guys had the advantage, both House and Senate were controlled by the Democrats. This time around the only way Trump can be touched would be by a revolt of his own party.

      Then again, Trump’s own party does not like him, but does like his vice-president. Not that Mr. Pence is much better than Trump, but at least he is not a clown.

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      • There’s always been a hardcore rightwing of about a 33% that vocally supports its own. Clearly happening now.
        Shortly before the committee undertook its impeachment votes, a Harris Poll showed that 53 percent of Americans supported an impeachment of Nixon by the House. The same poll showed that 47 percent thought he should be convicted in a Senate trial, 34 percent thought he should be acquitted, and the rest were unsure.

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  2. Thank you for this post.

    This is true. Comey changed the election and American History. But don’t listen to me or TE, listen to right wing and Trump apologist Michael Medved (MM) from 10/28/16, the day Comey made his announcement further implicating Hillary Clinton based on NOTHING!

    Of course MM hasn’t spent much time with the analysis implicating FBI Director James Comey’s actions since the election, but during the election, when the key is to buttress people’s inspiration to vote, he made it clear. And, of course all three hours were spend on this subject when it happened and all but cursory coverage on Monday November 7th, THE DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION, when the FBI head finally cleared Clinton on this particular, irresponsible, allegation/notification.

    Below is the quote openning MM’s show on 10/28. If any (other) masochist is interested in listening to the full 3 hours, I have them and can email them to you.

    Kevin Drum, the author of your post, has been awesome on this and he promises not to let this go. None of us should. This is not something any Democrat would or should have ever done because we fundamentally believe in government and true and fair elections (of course not all Democrats, but most). Any question about this, take a look of how President Obama and his Justice Department handled the knowledge that Russia had a hand in supporting the Republican nominee. Not brought up during the election, but afterwards.

    That was the right thing to do. It would have been nice if our top cop, and the conservatives/Republicans who were pushing him to do something, would have done the same. But they can’t. To win elections they have to lie and cheat. It’s as simple as that. How else do you get people to vote for a government for and by those our economy serves best?

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