Breaking: Trinity County rejects East-West Railroad

The Trinity County Transportation Commission held a Special Meeting at the Library in Weaverville today. The hearing was before a packed meeting room and lasted for about three hours.

There was lots of public comment with no one from Trinity County speaking up for the grant or the project. Some rail promoters from Eureka including David Hull spoke in favor.

In the end a motion was made by commissioner Burton and failed to get a second. So the Grant is rejected and the project appears to have been dealt a fatal blow.


4 thoughts on “Breaking: Trinity County rejects East-West Railroad

  1. Those folks in Trinity C. could see that the train is a fool’s errand. Good for them. Something has rattled the brains of the Humboldt people. Could it be the hope of big money on land deals? What do you bet they find some way to keep their money fantasy alive.

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  2. Is that a good bye Toot Toot as the idea rounds the bend and out of site?


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