Meet the NEW EPD……same as the old EPD with Mills fooling everybody


photo Jose Quezada for the times-standard

Good thing for them this picture is cropped at the elbows or you’d be able to see the blood on their hands


When you look at the above picture, you see (from left to right) Captain Brian Stephens, Sergeant Terrence Liles, and Chief Andy Mills.  Besides, the uniform these men all share a common background. All of these men are former (or current) SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Officers,

Captain Brian Stephens was a SWAT team member during the “glory days” of EPD’s about a decade ago when there was a whole string of shootings.  Although he wasn’t there for the Cheri Moore murder, he was around for other operations that resulted in the deaths of citizens.  Most recently, Stephens was in command while Tommy McClain was recklessly gunned down by EPD.

Sergeant Terrence Liles was the shooter in the questionable killings of teenagers Christopher Burgess and Zach Cooke.  Liles is notorious for bar fights in Old Town and spoke out against former progressive Chief Garr Neilsen during the EPD insurrection that was orchestrated by the “Old Guard” at EPD and spearheaded by EPD’s SWAT Team and the dispatchers they were married to or “dating”!

Chief Andrew Mills was a SWAT Commander who oversaw missions which resulted in the killing of numerous citizens in San Diego.  A SWAT man through and through, Chief Mills has continued to reshape EPD back into the Agency it once was, prior to the public outcry that resulted in the hiring of a  “progressive” police chief, Garr Neilsen.

So now its very clear that the new standard for EPD is really just the old standard.  Mayor Jager is overjoyed, along with Murl Harpham and others that had been so worried about their department becoming less macho (the old saying around the copshop was “we’re EPD we kick ass”) and actually practicing modern policing techniques. Nothing to worry about Boy’s!  Your department is safely back in the hands of SWAT, and the criminals (along with regular citizens) are still afraid that they may be shot at any time by trigger happy cops.

Oh ya, and Kim Bergel, you’re lack of recent historical knowledge on who Sgt. Liles is speaks volumes about your knowledge about ANYTHING to do with the city.  This is Terry “child killer” Liles, the guy who literally had “notches” on his duty weapon for each of his kills.



5 thoughts on “Meet the NEW EPD……same as the old EPD with Mills fooling everybody

  1. I was at the Pearl when Liles got knocked the fuck out!!! He better be a good shot, cause he can’t take a punch. Lol.


  2. You do realize don’t you, that all the branches of govt they work with, thanks to the federal grants, are composed of militarily armed sweethearts calling themselves the BLM, F&W, FDA, EPA and so forth?
    We tried to warn ya.


  3. During the investigation chief Mills said there was no conflicting commands given to Tommy McClain. Linfoot stated that Tommy was told to keep his hands up, but for some on known reason Tommy dropped his hands and grabbed for the gun. Both Mills and Linfoot lied every officer that stood behind them deceived the community also. The last two commands giving to Tommy was get down and stop. It was Linford own voice heard on the audio telling Tommy to get down. Then Linfoot shoots him. You guys are A disgrace l and should lose your job.


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