FSB sleeper agent Dr. Jill Stein to appear at HSU


Dr. Jill Stein, the so called environmental activist and Presidential candidate who’s widely given credit for helping elect Traitor Trump, is coming to HSU???

Similar to Trump, Sessions and Flynn, Stein has called for closer U.S. relations with Russia, despite its annexation of Crimea, its aggression in Ukraine and its threat to our allies in Europe.

Stein was criticized by the Russian Green Party for cozying up to Putin and not speaking out against Russia’s human rights abuses against the LGBT community, political dissidents and others her party is supposed to represent. Since the election, she’s the one who pushed for recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – three typically Democratic states that flipped and gave Trump the presidency. Her motive was suspect; her vote total didn’t rise, but her fundraising increased and so did doubts about the election and diverting much need attention away from “Crosscheck”, which denied the vote to enough Americans to swing the election.

Her pro-Kremlin stance wasn’t limited to merely praising Putin’s amicability. Stein joined the Russian president and Kazakhstani dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev in describing Ukraine’s 2014 EuroMaidan revolution as a “coup,” and claimed, bizarrely, that NATO is currently “fighting… enemies we invent to give the weapons industry a reason to sell more stuff.”

For good measure, she also asserted in September that “Russia used to own Ukraine,” by way of defending its colonization. She even selected a vice-presidential candidate who, when asked whether the downing of Flight MH17—a massacre almost certainly caused by Russian-supplied separatists in eastern Ukraine—was a false flag, responded, “That’s exactly what has happened.”

Green Party officials across Europe slammed a “delusional” Stein for her views, with leading Russian environmental activists saying they were “deeply shocked” by her comments during her Moscow trip.

Embarrassingly the Hank Sims Outpost claims Stein received more than 6 percent of Humboldt County’s presidential votes, with 3,681, worse yet they claim former Humboldter David Cobb (ick!) was her campaign manager.

HSU Greens and Climate Crisis HSU clubs proudly announces that the 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate and election spoiler Jill Stein will visit Humboldt State University on Wednesday, March 8.

The event begins at 6 p.m. in the Kate Buchanan Room and Stein will speak from 7 to 8 p.m. There will be a question and answer period following the speech. Tickets are free but required for entry.  The question we have is; will people show up to question and disrupt this Trump/FSB tool?

Everyday the evidence of Russian interference with our presidential election is getting detailed further.   Members of our Executive Branch have clearly been in communication with, and possibly collusion with, Putin’s Autocratic regime.  But that is really only part of the story.

While the mainstream press is distracted and defensive with the “big stories”, the “little stories” like Dr. Steins potential Russian connections and the influence her campaign had on the election of Trump are being forgotten.

The question we have is; will people show up to question and disrupt this Trump/FSB tool?

Sources: Daily Beast, Sac Bee, LoCO




10 thoughts on “FSB sleeper agent Dr. Jill Stein to appear at HSU

  1. I’ve followed the work of the various Green parties in Europe because with their systems enough votes can get you influence and some very useful things have come out of the movement. In the US it seems less effective and Stein’s candidacy seemed more self-aggrandizement than a cooperative movement. She always seemed such a cold, controlling fish, so to think she’s now potentially a ‘red herring’ doesn’t surprise me.
    People we once thought could offer real options seem to have damaged their own contributions and credibility through poor choices and become more and more footnotes in history:
    Nader, the one I can only remember because of Dana Carvey’s great impersonation (3rd party, folksy talk), Assange (Wikileaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson recently resigned) and now Jill Stein.
    I look forward to reading a report on what Dr Stein has to say and what others ask.
    Thank you for making us aware of this.

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  2. I haven’t had a chance to thank you for this. I was really surprised, honestly, that you took such a hard line on Jill Stein. I hope some day we get to find out if this represents a change in thinking in one person or a shift due to members of the TE club moving in and out of the area.

    I’m also curious why David Cobb deserved an “ick”. I was a fan of his columns in the TS and saw conspiracy as we lost him about the same time Arkley’s Reporter ran out of money. I wish he would have focused more on local issues rather than pursuing what seems likely to be as much of a source of income as a realistic political pursuit (Move to Amend). But I never got an “ick” vibe and would defend his ambition (and Kaitlin’s) to follow their interest on their own path.

    Having said all that, I think we have to do what we can to find common ground with those that would vote Green because… well because of all the common ground we have (minus the libertarian baloney that they are influenced by because, in part, of their 4th party status).

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    • We were strong Bernie supporters. Even though Wasserman-schultz stole the nomination for HC, we here at the Examiner swallowed hard and for the good of the country back HC against Traitor Trump.
      We never really knew much about Dr. Stein and never supported her run for President.
      As far as Mr Cobb we have no issues with his political positions. It was his reputation as a womanizer that merited the (ick) – (first hand experience as well)

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  3. U do not need to post this but you should know. I was a Bernie supporter (sent him lots of info on Koch, Alec, JBS, …) but when the Burn or Bust, Dem Exit, Reform Party and Libertarian Green factions started pushing Putin’s Propaganda & Assange’s Lies I Tried to warn ❤ … Please watch … “The Plot to Hack America” …

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  4. and FYI Wasserman-schultz actually did nothing wrong . What u saw / experienced was part of a psi-op to get people to leave the democratic party and help elect Trump. … Please watch … “The Plot to Hack America” posted below ❤


    • “The Plot to Hack America” by Malcolm Nance is awesome. We’re calling bullshit on your “and FYI Wasserman-schultz actually did nothing wrong” statement. The Russians weaponized it for sure, but it was wrong.


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