Listen to Mr. Sulu from Star Trek



“Star Trek” actor and activist George Takei shared a tweet on Thursday that shows why the battle for equal protection for transgender people is about more than just restrooms.

Some know me as Mr. Sulu from Star Trek but I hope all know me as a believer in, and a fighter for, the equality and dignity of all human beings.

Learn from our past,                 Please.

Mr. Sulu Nails it.               George Takei Destroys Anti-Trans Arguments, and in only 11 words, this simple message shows why people who are opposed to trans rights are on the wrong side of history:



The message in the tweet is similar to a sentiment shared in signs at rallies held in support of equal rights for trans people.

The 79-year-old also sent a followup tweet:

Imagine you had to use the restroom of the opposite sex everywhere. Might you not feel endangered, awkward, afraid even to go out publicly?


Awesome Facebook page:     Fuck Donald Trump @fucdonaldtrump




3 thoughts on “Listen to Mr. Sulu from Star Trek

  1. The 30th amendment, made in persuance of the Constitution, clearly states that the Constitution is null & void, and that the Federal Government, now controls every iota of the people? Gender, bathrooms, education, marriage, beliefs, food, air, water, penmanship, energy, land, clothes, thoughts, transportation, mileage, jobs, businesses, …?
    Wow, I totally missed that one.
    Oh King, of highest castle, do have mercy on your ignorant pheasants. We know not what we do, say, feel, imagine, or tread upon. If it pleases the court, may I be excused to go use the restroom specified under law, for it is but a short 100 miles in distance. I shall return within the day, so you can tax me for my mileage. All hail the power of the King.


  2. Ya, troll, but, funny and a bit of truth thrown in. I know what you are going thru Joe, it is so wrong to have two points of view, two party’s. You got your nationalist megaphone in the king’s hand and it feels so good to know you are absolutely right and being heard, and now way to many idiots coming out of the darkness spraying the air garbage. Just not fair. I’ll bet you are hoping the independent press will soon have a very tight leash, as well as the first amendment.


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