ISIS is going to have to try harder; they been displaced by the US media???

isis army

Late Show Host Stephen Colbert celebrated President’s Day by lampooning the latest president — Donald Trump — and warning those who called it “Not My President Day” that they need to deal with reality so, “no marching off into your fantasy world. Don’t leave me alone with this guy.”

The CBS host then took note of Trump calling the American media, ”The enemy of the American people.”

“Let’s see what your president’s been doing. Friday, he went after the media with a bold accusation,” Colbert began as he adopted Trump’s voice,” ‘The fake news media — failing New York Times, NBC News,  ABC, CBS, CNN is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American people!’”

“You know who I feel bad for? “Colbert quipped. “ISIS. Yeah, they try so hard. Sorry, ISIS. If you want to get on the list, publish photos of Trump’s inauguration crowd — then he’ll be really angry at you.”

Video of the show here:


3 thoughts on “ISIS is going to have to try harder; they been displaced by the US media???

  1. If you look at the link, there’s a question mark right after mp4 ( You can delete the question mark and everything after that.
    The rest of the link is for use by the website so it knows where the link originated…
    [video src="" /]
    will work fine and makes it easier if someone wants to copy the link rather than click through…
    And yes, it is funny

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  2. So that was the funny stuff lol.
    Now how about the serious stuff, the stuff someone doesn’t what us to see.
    The main stream media won’t show us the war going on in central Paris.
    This is the reality that needs dealing with. Show this on CNN, FOX, CNBC.
    Our French allies are going to be needing help soon.


  3. He sure sucks up all the TV news air time, like CNN etc. You are right, ISIS could set off a bomb in Israel and Countries around the world will be tuning in every hour to hear the latest trump thoughts. Thoughts are a stretch, more like regurgitation’s. There will soon be a book on trumpisms, The tweets that enter our daily discussions and how his weird ‘THOUGHTS’ transform how we are now forced to view the world around us.


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