North Coast People’s Alliance: “HELL NO – Not on our watch!!!”

First they came for the immigrants…

And we said “HELL NO – Not on our watch!!!”


In a coordinated effort, the Humboldt County Legal Defense Fund, Centro del Pueblo, and SURJ Humboldt have authored a petition aimed at protecting our local immigrant friends and neighbors.

We need YOUR HELP to help reach the goal – an ambitious one! – of 5,000 signatures, so that the petition can be delivered to local governmental and law enforcement agencies to demonstrate the wide base of support for these issues here in Humboldt.

No matter how much time you have to dedicate, there’s an option for you to help –

Even if you can only spare 5 seconds, you can sign the petition at

If you have 30 seconds (and you’re on Facebook and/or Twitter), please share this post, or write your own linking to the petition at

If you have 60 seconds, please tag 50 friends in the FB post you make.

If you have 3 minutes, (a) you’re our hero, and (b) in addition to the steps above, please email the petition info to 50 of your local friends.

Together, we can make Humboldt County a safe haven for everyone.

North Coast People’s Alliance

PS – If you belong to a relevant organization that would like to add their name to the ‘Endorsed by’ list, please let us know.


North Coast People’s Alliance · 840 E St, #3, Eureka, CA 95524, United States

You can also keep up with North Coast People’s Alliance on Twitter or Facebook.


3 thoughts on “North Coast People’s Alliance: “HELL NO – Not on our watch!!!”

  1. I prefer the groups who love America & are pushing for safer neighborhoods through proper vetting and faster processing.
    To each their own.


  2. As and American citizen I completely support legal immigration. If the Humboldt County Legal Defense Fund, Centrodel Pueblo, and SURJ Humboldt what me to spend one second of my time in there support, how about you show me a march against the drug cartels, a press conference where you stand with law enforcement and point out the drug dealing illegal immigrant cartel members who plague our communities and poison our citizens. Stand up for America, California, Humboldt and yourselves. You stop traffic in front of the court house demanding the arrests of the drug traffickers that you know in our communities then you’ll get grand support for legal immigration.


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