“Nobodys ‘stealing’ your jobs, you spend too much on wars”


“Nobodys ‘stealing’ your jobs, you spend too much on wars”, Alibaba founder Jack Ma asserts

Retreat from globalization will only result in trouble, warned China’s second richest man Jack Ma during a visit to Australia.

“Everybody is concerned about trade wars. If trade stops, war starts,” he said in Melbourne, where the e-commerce giant Alibaba opened its Australia and New Zealand headquarters.

“But worry doesn’t solve the problem. The only thing you can do is get involved and actively prove that trade helps people to communicate,” said Alibaba’s CEO, as quoted by Business Insider Australia.

The globalized economy is more than just transactions of money and goods, according to Ma.

“We have to actively prove that trade helps people to communicate. And we should have fair trade, transparent trade, inclusive trade,” he said.

“Trade is about a trade of values. Trade of culture,” said the billionaire, stressing that he felt a personal responsibility to fly more than a hundred thousand kilometers in the past month to promote global commerce.

From China daily and RT


3 thoughts on ““Nobodys ‘stealing’ your jobs, you spend too much on wars”

  1. So Bernie is lying about our jobs being lost? Ever been to Ohio or Michigan?

    Free trade, cheap labor and globalization are conservative values. Slavery fits rather nicely into each of those

    Liberals value fair wages, decent working conditions and fair trade.

    Don’t abandon liberal ideals just because you don’t think you like the new president. Don’t let hate win over logic


  2. The jobs overseas started a long time ago. Detroit wouldn’t make smaller, more fuel efficient cars so Americans started buying imports. Detroit didn’t respond and a lot of the companies went out of business: Economics.
    People vote with their pocket book—they’re not voting values, the jobs that could be or have been lost.
    And with all the imports in later years it was Asia that produced the new technologies sooner, cheaper with new companies now competing in the US for the market. Admiral used to produce a great tv. Asian imports competed with lower wages and more innovation. Admiral fought back by moving their
    factories to Mexico (the maquiladora sites near the border) where the parts would be assembled and brought back into the US (Nafta).
    I was semi-political early on and wouldn’t buy things from South Africa. Then it was curiosity that made me turn an item over to see where it was made. In some cases it became a positive act, to purchase something from a third-world country to help it develop its industry, in others I did choose to not buy from some countries.
    Most people don’t look or don’t care where goods come from, they’re shopping by price. I ended up working in the import shipping business and every day I saw ship loads of cargo coming into the US and knew what it was doing to the US balance of trade. But it was US companies from Walmart to top of the line stores and all the others in between who were making money and didn’t care about the balance of trade or the jobs lost, they were doing fine.
    Those who spoke against it were shouted down or voted out of office.
    It’s a much bigger picture than I can sketch here but it’s not a simple matter of bringing jobs back to the US. People won’t pay for what things would cost if made in the US, in part because people won’t work for wages which would allow goods to be sold that are affordable.
    Ultimately, I lost my job because the company moved everything to Alabama where wages, health coverage and worker protection laws reduce the company overhead. I’d already lost two jobs because the companies filed for bankruptcy: Not because of labor costs but because of management stupidity.
    I always thought of trade as a good thing and still do. But consumers need to bear some responsibility for being so greedy and feeding their desires instead of their needs.
    The US is still navel-gazing and not paying attention to world events. Anyone know anything about China cornering the market on rare earth metals? No, it’s not a joke. There are minerals which are very rare (as in the earth they’re found in) and they’re necessary for some modern technology. If China controls 75% of the world’s supply, who do you think controls the price?
    One of the big problem with politics is that the need to simplify issues for the general population fails to really inform people, or the issues are never discussed. The really big issues are not right/left; blue/red; us/them, it’s for all of us but people don’t want to be responsible for heavy thinking or complex issues—or only a few like this forum where we’re asked to read, think and respond.
    And for this forum and that option I am appreciative and thankful

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    • The jobs were lost because tariffs were lifted or reduced. It wasnt the magic of free trade that made our rust belt. It was deliberately done by politicians.

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