Trump’s Push to Build Dakota Access & Keystone XL Pipelines is a Declaration of War


Amy Goodman; “Winona LaDuke, can you respond to the executive action, the presidential memorandum, issued by President [Trump] yesterday?”

WINONA LADUKE: “Well, to be honest, it is pretty much a declaration of war against us all out here, not just against Native people, but against anybody who wants to drink. And across the board, what the guy is doing looks like that to us—the predator-in-chief. You know, as far as I can, you know, review his thinking on this, aside from being insane, the fact is, is that, you know, infrastructure is needed in this country. I’m totally going to agree on that. We got a D in infrastructure in this country. We’ve got breaking pipelines all over the country. We’ve got water mains that don’t work. That’s where it needs to go, not into massive infrastructure projects that are for oil companies, and not for people. And he definitely wants to shove those pipelines down our throats, whether we’re out here in North Dakota or, you know, wherever we are. That’s what his intention is.”


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