Support Stephen Kullman for District 3 Bay Humboldt Harbor District

humboldt bay

This Thursday evening, the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District will be holding a special meeting in Arcata for the public to weigh in on the candidates who may be selected for the vacant District 3 commissioner seat, before the commission makes an official appointment.

District 3 represents residents and interests of the City of Arcata, Bayside, Kneeland, Freshwater and Manila.

If you live or work in one of these areas and want a representative on the commission who is experienced in public service, trained in science, renewable energy systems, water quality monitoring, waste management issues, research and analysis, working with indigenous people, and has a true passion for sustainability, local economic development, and community resilience, then please come support Stephen Kullman as your candidate of choice!

Stephen has an M.S. in Environmental Systems from HSU, served as the Environmental/Natural Resources Director for the Wiyot Tribe, serves as a city council member for the City of Blue Lake, serves as a member of the Harbor Safety Committee, Humboldt Bay Management Plan Advisory Committee, the Eel Grass Management Plan comittee, the North Coast Sea Level Rise Response committee, and has worked on numerous local renewable energy projects in Humboldt County.

Please take the time to attend this special meeting to voice your support or ask questions!

More information about the meeting and candidates can be found here:

More info about the Humboldt Bay Harbor District can be found here:


2 thoughts on “Support Stephen Kullman for District 3 Bay Humboldt Harbor District

  1. Túlúwát, my family’s home. Where I came from! My grandmother swam 8 months pregnant , way from the massacre. So I can be here today. I find using Túlúwát, then saying you support Steven Kullman is absurd. You want truth, I got a ton, Steve’s Rainbow bridge of reality, well reality says he’s bought and paid for to help the corporate expansion. Just another YES Sir person, to push private interest forward. On another note, Steve did SO MUCH PROTECT on Humboldt bay by kept his mouth shut or better yet suppressed the protection in Humboldt Bay. He Could Not upset his buddy Greg Dale. Facts! Awwwwwwwww

    We deserve better! A as Wiyot From Túlúwát I personally support, James Casey Allen. Hard man working that understands laws and regulations and cannot be bought, by the extortor’s of Humboldt Bay’s Personal Private interest.

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