Vicente Fox vs Trump: a twitter cage match

It seems that the former Mexican President Vicente Fox has figured out the right tone to take with our so-called “president”. Unlike many delusional Democratic senators (even our hero Bernie) who seem to think that there is something to be gained from negotiating with crazy, Fox is challenging him in a way Trump can relate to; full on “twitter abuse”.
Fox tweak’d Trump Thursday on Twitter with a poll asking his American social media followers, “How would you rather spend taxpayer dollars that will be used to build a border wall with Mexico?”
“Donald Trump’s ego monument real cost is around 25 billion USD. I ask you, America, what would you prefer instead of that #Fuckingwall,” Fox tweeted.
The poll allowed voters to choose from:

“Improve healthcare”

“Affordable education”

“Support agriculture”

“Modernize infrastructure”

By Thursday evening more than 70,000 people had voted, with “Improve healthcare” leading with 36 percent of the vote. “Affordable education” was the second pick with 35 percent of the vote.
Fox has been an outspoken critic of Trump’s proposal to build a wall with Mexico.
Trump’s White House shared plans this week for building the wall he promised on the campaign trail, including a proposal to charge a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico to help cover the cost.
Earlier in the week, President Trump signed executive orders to get construction of the wall underway in coming months, causing the current Mexican President to cancel his visit to the US.

Here’s how former Mexican president Vicente Fox has used Twitter to dump on Trump:

Fox twitter quotes: “Sean Spicer, I’ve said this to @realDonaldTrump and now I’ll tell you: Mexico is not going to pay for that fucking wall. #FuckingWall” 12:55 PM – 25 Jan 2017

(#FuckingWall then began trending worldwide. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Fox repeated: “I have said and I have told the Donald, that Mexico will never pay for that fucking wall. And now I have to repeat it to this guy Sean Spicer.”)

“Trump may ask whoever he wants, but still neither myself nor Mexico are going to pay for his racist monument. Another promise he can’t keep.” 7:33 PM – 5 Jan 2017

“TRUMP, when will you understand that I am not paying for that fucken wall. Be clear with US tax payers. They will pay for it.”1:18 PM – 6 Jan 2017

“@realDonaldTrump, I won’t pay for that f***ing wall! Also, Campaigning in Mexico? Running out of money and friends?” 4:20 PM – 9 Sep 2016

“Trump nobody except you & us tax payers will pay for the useless focking wall.”
“Trump you came to Mexico derailed government and President Peñ lied and betrayed Pena. We need a WALL so you don’t come back.”5:12 AM – 8 Sep 2016

“#trump,I searched, for a Trump fan in Santander Spain, nobody, none, only POKEMONES. ,You are not welcome here either”6:02 AM – 18 Sep 2016

Trump is a despised figure in Mexico, with a poll in September finding fewer than 3% in Mexico had a positive opinion of him.


“Consumers, to the Shout of War,” it says in Spanish above the fist. “Consume products made in country…Use your buying power to punish the companies that favor the politics of the new U.S. government.”


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