Bully out, Arkley VP in, Virginia being watched

Bully boy cartoon

People are so happy to be rid of the Planning Commission Bully Lee Ulansey that they’re celebrating the appointment of Arkley’s VP Brian Mitchell! WTF!

Bully Boy

In one of the biggest screw ups made by this Board of Supervisors in the last decade, Lee Ulansey was appointed as an at-large member of the planning commission in 2013 and his four-year term is set to expire on Jan. 31.(woo who!) Thankfully on Tuesday the Supes basically voted 4-1 to dump the chump, with Supervisor Mike Wilson dissenting. Instead they voted to appoint McKinleyville resident Brian Mitchell and Security National VP to the county Planning Commission ousting sitting Commissioner Lee Ulansey!

Well at least Supervisor Mike Wilson supported a very good candidate; Yurok Tribe Assistant Planning Department Director Nicole Sager. Wilson said that besides Sager’s experience, she would be able to bring a culturally and ethnically unrepresented voice to the commission which he said is currently “another all white male board.” “Currently the Planning Commission doesn’t represent that,” Wilson said. Damn right Mike!

In an interesting note, Board Chairwoman and 4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass also said that receiving letters stating that the board is “being watched” feels “threatening.”

It should Virginia.  You are being watched… politically that is. Ulansey wants your job and we progressives are ready to take another run at you.  There is still plenty of time to prepare, and the momentum in Humboldt is in the direction of progressive values. That means that if or when Ulansey runs against Bass, we will have a candidate that actually represents the constituents, not just the developer’s and corrupt moneyed interests.








11 thoughts on “Bully out, Arkley VP in, Virginia being watched

  1. I’d like to know what big developments Ulansey got in?


    • He’s guilty as sin padding papers for rural subdivides and development, and not of the tread-lightly-on-this-earth variety. His HumCPR newsletters are painfully misleading in that manner, fronting like the organization is composed of eco-groovy back-to-the-landers. But it’s a front for millionaire real estate moguls. Look into the shady nature of HumCPR and their clandestine membership from a guy who tried to make himself more popular by calling for more govt. transparency. He’s a political rubberstamper for the SoCal idea of “rural” development we see in his own native territory. The board of supervisors continues to disgust me as well, when they reduced the riparian borders around our watersheds was the final nail in the coffin of their morality. They are sellouts to big money, long term developers. A classicly predictable character, Ulansey is, and that’s fine but he should never be governing our land use.

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  2. Fun’s where you find it.
    Last sentence reads a bit ambiguously…imho.
    Could be you are supporting Ulansey.
    Could be Bass.
    Could a new candidate, I think that’s what you meant there.
    Wait, Ulansey for supervisor?….eeeek!


  3. ( “another all white male board.” “Currently the Planning Commission doesn’t represent that,” Wilson said.)

    This comes from a guy that fought tooth and nail to prevent a female from becoming a board member on the Harbor Commission.


  4. Virginia lost me when she, a lifelong Republican who had never voted Democrat, flipped her political party affiliation to Democrat just to get the Supervisor job in an election climate that was the antithesis of the agenda she represents. As a republican, she would have lost, but she rode the Democrat title and kept her mouth shut about her politics, effectively blindsiding the public, who at the time was eager to oust the old profit driven form of government she still represents.

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  5. In the KEET-TV debate during 2010, corrupt liar Virginia Bass proudly (and stupidly) proclaimed her favorite president is racist Ronald Reagan. When you put an unqualified dimwitted local socialite (and former party girl) on the Board of Supervisors, why would anyone be surprised that this county’s government is screwed up?


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