Why the hell are the Clintons going and helping to legitimize this fraud

Tell Democrats in Congress: Skip the inauguration of hate.


A racist, fascist bigot will take the oath of office as the 45th President of the United States on Jan. 20. Politicians who attend Donald Trump’s inauguration will be legitimizing and normalizing his platform of misogyny, racism and xenophobia.

Public resistance to Trump’s inauguration is growing. Many celebrity performers, the Rockettes, public high school marching bands and even the Mormon Tabernacle Choir have stood up to Trump’s hateful agenda by refusing to perform at the inauguration.

Trump is unfit to serve as our president and commander in chief: He’s a racist who has already installed a white supremacist in one of the top positions in his White House, a misogynist who has bragged about sexual assault, and a bigot who plans to deport, surveille and harass millions of people because of their religion and skin color. We cannot let Democrats and the elite political establishment in Washington pretend Trump’s inauguration is business as usual.

Democrats have a choice: They can either champion progressive values, join the public resistance against Trump’s hate and refuse to attend the inauguration, or they can attend the inauguration, normalize Trump’s bigotry and stand idly by while he sets his dangerous agenda in motion. This is not the time for compromise or decorum. Trump is appointing a leadership team whose values align with his dangerous promises. His pick for attorney general was deemed too racist for a federal judgeship by members of his own party. His future national security adviser traffics in anti-Muslim bigotry. His nominee for treasury secretary is a Goldman Sachs executive, and his transition team is loaded with corporate lobbyists. At least three of his cabinet picks have been accused of domestic violence.1

Members of his crony cabinet are already making plans to destroy Medicare and attack Social Security. And in the first 100 days of his administration, Trump plans to deport millions of immigrants, roll back environmental protections, empower states to escalate attacks on reproductive healthcare and more.2 A true progressive response to the Trump administration will unconditionally resist his bigoted and racist policies without compromise.

Sign the petition here:   https://act.credoaction.com/sign/dems_inauguration?t=1&akid=21141.5506193.ishG1W

So far, Democrats Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Rep. Katherine Clark and Rep. Jared Huffman, have courageously stepped forward and pledged not to legitimize Trump’s bigotry and hate by attending the inauguration.3 We believe other progressive champions in Congress should follow their lead.

Huffman on Trump:

‘I will not sit passively and politely applaud’

By U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman

I have struggled with the issue of whether to attend the Presidential Inauguration on January 20th and here is my decision.

Ordinarily, on Inauguration Day I would take my place above the west steps of the Capitol and join colleagues and dignitaries in honoring a great and solemn American tradition: the peaceful transfer of power which must always transcend partisan differences.

Ordinarily, I would do that without hesitation for any President, regardless of their politics or personality, as a show of respect for the institution and the will of the voters — and as a gesture of goodwill to foster reconciliation and collaboration as we put the election behind us and prepare to work with the new administration.

However, there is nothing ordinary about this inauguration or the man that will be swornin as our next President. I do accept the election results and support the peaceful transfer of power, but it is abundantly clear to me that with Donald Trump as our President, the United States is entering a dark and very dangerous political chapter. I will do everything I can to limit the damage and the duration of this chapter, and I believe we can get through it. But I will not sit passively and politely applaud as it begins.

As much as we all hope for the best, we should be cleareyed about the warning signs of exactly who Donald Trump is and what he will attempt to do as our President. We know, or at least should know, what is coming. The question is, what to do about it?

I believe the antidote to Donald Trump is kindness, thoughtfulness, tolerance and inclusion — and the way to defeat his dark political agenda is not to sit around complaining and criticizing; it is through active citizenship, principled resistance and positive counteraction.

Toward that end, I’ll be spending Inauguration Day here in my district doing positive things. I invite you to join me. I will announce my specific plans and agenda in a few days, including some volunteer activities that you can participate in if you wish. Stay tuned for the details, and thanks for reading all the way to the end of this long Facebook post! Congressman Huffman’s offices can be contacted by phone at 202-225-5161 or 707407-3585.




10 thoughts on “Why the hell are the Clintons going and helping to legitimize this fraud

  1. Hillary Clinton was at Trump’s most recent wedding. They are FRIENDS. Their daughters are very close.

    The political process gave us 2 almost identical people to vote for. Bernie Sanders got railroaded by HRC and liberals paid the price


  2. You guys are in such denial your making fools of yourself. Painful to watch. Entertaining.


    • Jhon:

      Interesting admission that pain gives you joy. No wonder you voted for Trump.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Denial no , disgusted yes. Big difference. Sad to see morals and ethics of so little importance to the minority of voters who voted for a man that has no qualifications to be president. Just hope this stupid move does not severely hurt or permanently damage our country. Last lame republican president left out country in economic freefall. So denial no disgust yes definitely…..

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  3. I wish you whining dip stick rarticle would stop your whining trump won fair and square we the other side had to put up with a man that tried to ruin the USA and turn it in to a third world country and crumble are spirit you didn’t see us acting like third grade tyrants and who is being violent who is destroying property who killing who who is being racist let me tell that is the face of liberal communist Dems all I have to say if you don’t like my country get the heak out pick one you like and go there


  4. Morals and ethics Old Sam? Hillary HAS no morals OR ethics. Minority of voters? Subtract just one state, California and Trump has more votes. The Electoral College worked just as it was intended, to give the WHOLE country a say in who the next President would be. Take a look at the red-blue map of the U.S., as you can see, a majority of the nation wanted Trump, they wanted ANYONE but Hillary. Oh sure, Obama was really qualified to be President, a small-time community organizer and ONE-term Senator, NOT! You liberals are the ‘enemy within.’


    • You sound like a complete asshole Alan. Yea, we have taken a look at the blue/red ratio in our country, and many of us came to the conclusion that the more advanced, well educated and intelligent states should rule over the inbreed, closed minded, dip spitting idiots such as yourself. I have an Idea…why don’t you move your lard ass back to Alabama? I would breath much better knowing that sheeple such as yourself would be among your own ilk and not draining my oxygen.

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      • Oh johnny, you are the typical elitist-snob liberal that has no ‘tolerance’ for people that don’t agree with you even though you liberals preach ‘tolerance’ to others. Your name calling is indicative of your kind because you think you are superior to the rest of us. If you were actually well educated and intelligent, you would not be a liberal. My previous post is right on the money. You don’t like it because “truth to a liberal is as salt is to a slug” quoting author Erik Steckelbeck.


  5. Last I checked, California is still a State in the United States of America. That means our votes count just the same as the ones cast by Texas, Florida or any other state you care to name. To say otherwise is to proclaim yourselves to be idiots.

    Please, if you have any sense of self-dignity, come up with a new meme to parrot. I’m told Breitbart is full of such bull krap on a daily basis.

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