Bernie: “Now is not the time for despair it’s the time to fight back”


Senator Bernie Sanders talks with Rachel Maddow about how most Americans do not subscribe to Republican ideology, and tells Democrats how to mobilize popular support against the Republican agenda.

Trump does not have a mandate. Trump lost by 3 million votes!  Sen. Bernie Sanders wants Democrats to know that the Republicans do not have a mandate to govern — and that progressives have a way of fighting.

“Rachel, when people say ‘Ah, you know, I am giving up, I’m in despair,’ forget about that,” Sanders told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Tuesday night. “You have to fight back as people have throughout the history of this country. Our people have stood up and fought back. And the most important point as I said a moment ago, all of these issues, the majority of the people are with us. We have got to go out and reach out to people.”

Sanders also pointed out that, despite the setback to progressivism caused by Donald Trump’s victory, the trends of history have still overall pushed things in their direction.

Democrats plan nationwide mobilization against Trump agenda


One thought on “Bernie: “Now is not the time for despair it’s the time to fight back”

  1. As long as Trump has a majority in the House and Senate, and has his pen to sign executive orders, I don’t think he’ll lose much sleep over not having a “mandate”.


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