Police Chief Andy “Hollywood” Mills has trained the media so well they’re spinin’ his stories for him


H. Beacon photo: Mills spinning the McClain killing


In fact, his spin control has been so effective the local media is just making up “fact’s” to support the out of control shooting spree by EPD in Downtown Eureka.

Over New Years, this caught our attention; KRCR ch 7 redding, their Eureka affiliate Northcoast News 23, featured this as one of its top stories of the year!

#2: Officer-Involved Shooting

In December, a Southern Humboldt man ran through the crowded streets of Downtown Eureka with a semi-automatic handgun. Clayton Lasinkski, 26, fired shots at police, and a full-blown shootout ensued. It was the second officer-involved shooting for the Eureka Police Department in six years. http://www.krcrtv.com/north-coast-news/top-north-coast-news-stories-of-2016/238852229

Now that’s certainly what “slick” Andy Mills would like you to believe, never mind that this is completely false and misleading information, and in fact in the suspects statement he say’s he never pointed his gun at Officer Linfoot!!! Or anyone else. (hard to know since Linfoot conveniently hadn’t turned on his body camera) Also it wasn’t the second in six years it’s the second during Mills tenure as Police Chief, the last one was the negligent killing by Linfoot of Tommy McClain in September of 2014!

Now, lots of fake news that has come from this debacle is because of Andy Mill’s immediate spin the night of the shooting.  Before the officers had even been interviewed, he told the media that he believed the suspect either fired at officers or “dry fired” at officers.  How did he know that???  He knew that because yet again, he knew he could spin the story Donald Trump style since Linfoot didn’t record the shooting!!!

Mills, of course, made up an excuse to the media that Officer Linfoot was just starting his shift and the battery in his camera hadn’t been charged.  Oh please…..Give us a break!  The fact is Linfoot knows that video of his encounters might cost him his job, and maybe even put him in jail!


6 thoughts on “Police Chief Andy “Hollywood” Mills has trained the media so well they’re spinin’ his stories for him

  1. Police have a hard job, well paid, but a difficult job, much of it highly supervised by other police more like self dealing politicians.

    In the police culture where some patrol officers are known to have used ‘drop guns’ handy to plant…’drop’ on a suspect in case a police shooting needs an excuse, surely there is no way the patrol officers would have figured out to use ‘drop cameras.’

    Surely their politician oriented supervisors would never allow such a thing.



  2. You are just beating a Dead Horse.


  3. this deserves more attention, esp. considering the current attention given to fake news.


  4. Andy Mills should be a booking sergeant, and the trigger-pig Linfoot should be in Pelican Bay.

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