All publicity is good publicity. Right Andy?


Words Worth

Our “bestie” and local Trump worshipper Mr Chiv’d had a link to his favorite source for national news Brietbart, where there was a poorly written article about Humboldt County’s out of control crime and arrest rate.  Trying to hold down our collective lunch, the Examiner viewed the story and actually found a hilarious confession by our own beloved police Chief Andrew Mills! He’s quoted admitting that data can be fudged:    “But Chief Mills suggested that members of the public research how the data is collected and calculated before drawing conclusions.” NO SHIT Andy!

He cautioned: “Data can be played with many different ways. You have to put that data in context. If you do that, I have no problem of putting the data out there.” “Data can be played with in many different ways.”  He should know, and because that’s exactly what Mills has been doing since he took over as Chief. Cookin’ the books!




In another story about the “bizarro world” that is Eureka....


EPD’s elite officers

Kiem tv3 reports a young woman was awarded Monday afternoon for her bravery during what they euphemistically call “the officer-involved shooting” in Eureka a few weeks ago. The incident TV3 refers to is Captain Stephens and his “merry band of gunslingers” spraying over 40 live rounds in downtown eureka at rush hour!

14-year-old, Kenpo Karate student, Precious Aguilar was given a surprise award to her by the martial arts studio and the Eureka Police Department for her bravery during the shooting.

While we don’t deny she deserves her bravery award, we also think she deserves one for surviving! The Karate studio is located near the area of where the incident took place and instructors asked students to get low to the ground and crawl to the back room. Aguilar made it and looked back and saw a woman in shock with a baby so she went back, assisted the lady and crawled with the baby in hand to a safer area. Aguilar said it means a lot to her to receive the award and it has been her dream to one day work for the police department.


2 thoughts on “All publicity is good publicity. Right Andy?

  1. FWIW; That “get low to the ground” or “Drop to the ground” thing so commonly told to avoid gunfire is somewhat misleading. While a bullet two or three feet off the ground may pass over you, rather than hitting you when you’re standing, bullets don’t bounce on the ground akin balls bouncing on a pool table. In other words, they don’t leave the ground at the same angle they struck it. Bullets generally follow the angle of the surface they strike. So, if they hit the ground at a shallow or steep angle, they’ll likely skim the surface of that ground as the bounce off after impact. That could mean taking a bullet in the head if you’re laying down and the bullet strikes short of you, as opposed to taking one in the shin.

    One benefit to getting down on the ground being you might not be noticed by the shooter as quickly and thus not be made a target.

    Your choice how to react.

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  2. That’s probably as close to an apology for the 40+ bullets that Eureka will ever see. How many bets that the shooters are all back on patrol???

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