Trump-blicans live in a reality of their own choosing

Actual Vote count: 

Trump 62,955,363 = 46.2%      Clinton 65,788,583 = 48.3%        

As you can clearly see Clinton is the clear winner of the Actual votes of the american people.

In a nationally representative online survey of 1,011 Americans conducted by Qualtrics between Dec. 6 and 12, we asked respondents, “In last month’s election, Donald Trump won the majority of votes in the electoral college. Who do you think won the most popular votes?”

Twenty-nine percent said Donald Trump won the popular vote. This is a slightly larger proportion than in a recent Pew survey in which 19 percent said Trump won the popular vote.

Respondents’ correct understanding of the popular vote depended a great deal on partisanship. A large fraction of Republicans — 52 percent — said Trump won the popular vote, compared with only 7 percent of Democrats and 24 percent of independents. Among Republicans without any college education, the share was even larger: 60 percent, compared with 37 percent of Republicans with a college degree.


This same pattern of partisan bias didn’t emerge on other factual questions in our survey. For example, we asked respondents to estimate the size of the country’s African American and Latino populations. As is typical, people tended to overestimate the size of these groups: On average, respondents think 27 percent of Americans are black and 28 percent are Latino. (The correct answers as of 2015 are 13.3 percent and 17.6 percent.)

But these numbers do not vary by party affiliation. Democrats and Republicans make similar guesses, on average.

These results align with something social scientists have long recognized: We choose facts to be consistent with our prior beliefs. In this case, Republicans are more likely to endorse erroneous claims about Trump’s victory because it aligns with their partisanship. They do not, however, have any partisan motivation when estimating the size of minority groups.

From CNN and The Washington Post


9 thoughts on “Trump-blicans live in a reality of their own choosing

  1. “We choose facts to be consistent with our prior beliefs.

    Yep, don’t we all? And if the voting results were the exact opposite, with Trump squeaking by with a narrow margin, progressives would be defending the Electoral College. Had the election been held a day earlier or later, the results might well have been the opposite.


  2. Trump supporters would actually edit your “headline” to provide the correct grammar.

    Democracy is mob rule. Nobody wants that in this constitutional republic. The founders created safeguards against mob rule.


  3. Without california, Trump wins popular vote by over 2 million. Include new york, and the margin is 4 million. I’m guessing this doesn’t get posted.


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