The same suspects and failed policies that resulted in the wrongful death of Tommy McClain are at the center of Tuesdays crazy shootout!

It all comes back around to Tommy McClain….

Finally yesterday the North Coast Journal broke the details that we at the Examiner had been hearing about from many sources all week…..that the Eureka Police Department had a completely out of control “O.K. Corral” type shootout just a couple days ago.  This happened in the middle of holiday shopping season, during rush hour traffic and was right in the middle of downtown Eureka:

Included in the NCJ article was a picture we had seen posted elsewhere.

Let him bleed out   (photo removed at request of owner)

If you go to the original picture in the NCJ, you can see how this whole incident spun out of control…if you know who the people are.  But first, just look at what is happening.  Look at the officers hands.  Not guns, but latex gloves.  Clayton Lasinski is bleeding on the ground because he was shot.  Although the officers had time to put on latex gloves, and fire over 40 bullets, not one of the 12 officers in this picture could take the time to grab a first aid kit or help the person lying on the ground.  Lasinski was shot at by four officers in this picture standing around and talking…trying to get their stories straight, and not trying to save his life.

The person who is being looked to in this picture, who almost all the officers are looking to for leadership and direction, is Captain Brian Stephens.  Stephens was the commander on scene and in charge of these officers as this running, “out of control” shooting spree by EPD started and ended.  He was the “Incident Commander”.  In the picture, Stephens is the guy with the moustache facing the camera (under the Toshiba sign).  Below, is a picture of Stephens.  Here, he’s smiling in all his glory.  He had just been promoted….after he oversaw the reckless murder of Tommy McClain:


Mills’ “favorite” Captain Stephens

Captain Stephens is smiling in this picture because he never fired a bullet and was promoted after leading a group of young cops in a cowboy operation that left Tommy McClain dead in his own front yard. Just weeks ago Eureka lost the wrongful death lawsuit in Tommy’s case, but the actual person who killed Tommy McClain was Officer Linfoot, not Stephens. Linfoot was was the only one named as a guilty party, but the leader responsible that night was Captain Stephens.  No worries for “Hollywood” Mills, he blamed Tommy from the beginning and PROMOTED Linfoot as well as Stephens.  Here’s a picture of Linfoot, but in the picture from the NCJ above, Linfoot is the person on the far left with the stripes on his sleeve (this guy actually TRAINS(?) cops!):


“billy the kid” Linfoot

Mills has already come out and claimed that the victim, a SoHum kid named Lasinski was a dangerous wanted criminal trying to kill the police.  Mills has said that Lasinski, a southern Humboldt kid from an allegedly multi-generational cannabis growing family, might have been trying to kill police but that his unfamiliarity with a model 1911 type .45 prevented him from firing a round.  That is what Mills will try and spin.  In all likelihood, “Hollywood” will be able to spin this around like he did with Tommy McClain when it comes to the local media.  Especially since some of them actually recommended Stephens for the job of Captain after Tommy McClain was killed!

However, “Hollywood” Mills can’t spin this: Linfoot was the first officer to shoot at Lasinski and he fired potentially dozens of bullets.  Stephens was the commander in charge of this nightmare, and even after 40 bullets he still didn’t care enough to have one officer check on Lasinski. Check the videos. He was probably hoping Lasinski would die just like Tommy, because dead people can’t testify against you.

Tommy McClain Never Forgotten


17 thoughts on “The same suspects and failed policies that resulted in the wrongful death of Tommy McClain are at the center of Tuesdays crazy shootout!

  1. Maybe it’s just me but the thought would never occur to me when if stopped by the police to foot bail with a .45 in hand then try to pull off a carjacking. The thought would also never occur to me to put a replica handgun in my waistband and taunt already agitated officers.


    • ” put a replica handgun in my waistband and taunt already agitated officers. ” keep repeating your lie over and over and it’s still a lie and Tommy is still dead at the hands of EPD

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  2. Every single one of those 40 shots went somewhere. The police did not have a clear firing range; there were people all around them, who could have been hit by bullets and/or ricochets. The EPD was damn lucky they didn’t hit an innocent bystander while they demonstrated their OK Corral method of law enforcement in the middle of downtown during rush hour. The only TRAINING these guys appear to have had was training wheels on their bikes when they were kids. Any idiot knows you don’t random fire at nothing in the middle of town. If anyone but a cop did it, they’d get cited for “discharging a weapon within city limits”. I’d like to know why they’re exempt.

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    • You’re so right PollyP there were children in the immediate area and citizens on the street. We all very lucky.
      I heard several traffic accidents were caused by this mayhem. Any info on that?

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  3. It does bother me that when someone is down, shot by officers, they don’t immediately turn to working on saving the person’s life. I understand fully that would take moments of super-human emotional strength, but we should if not expect, at the very least hope for this from our professional law enforcement officers.

    I was re-watching the Walter Scott killing (I’d argue homicide) this week. Same problem. As soon as the victim is down, we should be in EMT mode.

    If we expected that behavior, maybe the barrage of bullets wouldn’t happen in the first place.

    Having said all of that, we have to remember that the officers have spouses, parent, children who all need them to come home at night. They too deserve as safe of a work-space as possible.

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  4. Where are these videos you speak of?


  5. ARE YOU SERIOUSLY SAYING THAT MILLS, STEPHENS, AND LINFOOT HAVE DONE IT AGAIN?! I hope that every juror on the Tommy McClain civil trial against these despicable officers understands now what was at stake when they gave the EPD a slap on the hand instead of holding them responsible for their murderous actions and the subsequent cover-up. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! You had a chance to make a clear statement that they are reckless, negligent, I’ll-trained and dangerous but you chose to blame the victim instead. Linfoot especially is out of control and shooting up our neighborhoods like it’s an arcade game. He has got to go before he kills someone else.

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    • this was predictable, this behavior, especially after the Blue Wall cover up, especially after the verdict.

      Who is next?

      Pointedly, the suspect never shot at anyone it seems…unless there are empty .45 magazines littering the area, you would think Chief Mills would have told us all about them by now.

      But he lived…how inconvenient.

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  6. Shame on the Tuluwat Examiner.


  7. Why haven’t the Officers names been released yet? Presumably the local media asked Chief Mills, so why are they being withheld?

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  8. 40 shots and one hit. These officers should be fired……for poor marksmanship.


  9. The cop was found Negligent 50%. and Tommy McClain 50%. The jury awarded 300,000 to the McClain family since Tommy was 50% at fault the amount was cut in half. The defense has agreed not to file any post-trial motions in this case contingent upon the plaintiffs agreement to file a stipulation to dismiss the lawsuit rather than filing an appeal or post-trial motion of their own. If the McClain family does not file a stipulation to dismiss the lawsuit, the defense will file post-trial motions rather than paying the jury verdict. The McClain family fought for what was right, held the officer accountable for killing their son. Now in order to get what the jury awarded them their are going to have to sign a agreement stipulating to drop the lawsuit.
    Watch out people in eureka you think you got rights “think again”


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