City of Eureka…..the party never stops-(part 2)

from our sources deeply embedded at 531 K street: 

Local media darling Police Chief Andy Mills special ordered a Crime Reporting System that’s turned out to be a complete disaster…it has resulted in reports completely disappearing from the system.

local media darling Mills

Mills really wanted it because it was what the big cities were using. Apparently the entire EPD staff hates it, but Andy loves it so they must suffer through. They get lots of help from an outside agency to keep it going (Sunguard we hear)  The local IT team is trying to figure it out, but being fresh from the convention, uh, conference in Austin, Texas well, you know.


We understand the IT team is having their new digs being constructed in the Muni complex. Even though they have 3 offices at City Hall where all the servers are. But the IT manager, has convinced the gullible Pam Powell, Department head of IT and City Clerk the move is needed. That awesome, Pam knows about as much of computers as she does Swahili. But in true COE fashion and “ Dave Tyson style” Pam was given an extra title and money a few years before she retires(???) so her pension will be much bigger. Of course there are the rumors she was “extra friendly” the ex Fire Chief and David Tyson to swoop her way to the top.  We mean, don’t all City Clerks get there without any college?

Of course the Manager of IT (by default, the old manager quit because he couldn’t handle working with him) still uses City vehicles to pick up his children and go shopping which is totally against City Insurance policy but as usual no one cares until there is an accident.

And now its time for the annual Christmas “blow-out”, uh, Employee recognition party, which somehow gets funded every year with money from taxpayers and prizes from crony, uh business people in the City.


the godfather Tyson

Lastly, the person being groomed to take over City Clerk is Christine Tyson, David’s daughter in law. So Tyson still has his greasy hands on the pulse of City Hall. Our source met her a few times and found her pretty underwhelming. She came over after working for the county at the WIC office so that shows she is so very qualified. Now if she can just give as good of “extra friendly” services as Pam, we’re sure she is a cinch to get it!


14 thoughts on “City of Eureka…..the party never stops-(part 2)

  1. Why does the media give Mills a pass on every screwed up policy he pursues? How bout it Hank and Thad?

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  2. Hopefully progressives don’t get so focused on Trump they forget about the local regressives on the city payroll. The fact that Mills has doubled down on his war against the homeless should get people fired up….but so far the negative public response from citizens in Eureka to Mills has been pretty muted.

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  3. Why isn’t this stuff reported by the media outlets? Is there any truth to this?

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  4. There is a couple things Id like to point out regarding this case having to do with the crookedness of the EPD and their practices of covering up their messes. One is the fact that when my nephew Tommy Mcclain was killed by Officer Linfoot, there were no radio calls of shots being fired or of hitting someone with shots fired, or anything of that matter. Instead these officers used their cell phones to call in that response. That was to keep it out of public record as far as Im concerned, and those records were never requested by the court to find out what exactly was called in or discussed in those phone calls. And the other thing Id like to point out was the fact my nephew Tommy Mcclain, was not a criminal, he wasnt a suspect in a case, nor was he under any investigation. How was it that there was a judge, who heard “whatever frivolous evidence” that was used by the EPD in order to have him sign an executive order giving the EPD a search warrant, allowing them to search the following day for a “replica bb gun”. With that order it allowed them to search for something to bring against my nephew Tommy Mcclain, who wasnt a suspect or person of interest that night. The EPD also recovered personal items of Tommy Mcclains, like his laptop, tablet, xbox to name a few things. These things were taken by the EPD to be searched and gone through to research the person the EPD murdered! Even to this day, the judgement has come down and these things of Tommy Mcclain were not returned to his Father Lance Mcclain when he went to ask for their return! Another question that comes from this is, If my nephew wasnt a suspect or sought criminal, what gives them the right to retrieve anything of Tommy Mcclains that was not on scene where they took Tommys life, and how does the EPD have the right to Access those items in order to “try” to find something on someone who wasnt a suspect in a specific crime to begin with?! Wouldnt that be a violation of Tommy Mcclains Rights, even with the fact that the officers killed an unarmed man the night before?? Maybe someone can give me a little help understanding that.
    Thank you

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    • Bottom line, it sounds like that big time, allstar lawyer didn’t live up to the hype….


    • The Media should have been investigating all the shenanigans committed by Mills and EPD during and after the tragic killing of Tommy, instead they accepted positions on a bogus committee set up by Mills and never uttered a skeptical word.

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      • I totally agree with all of that, and dont get me wrong, I love and miss my nephew deeply, but this isnt an isolated incident with EPD, its happening all over across America, and didnt start with Tommy Mcclain being killed in Eureka by EPD neither, you would think that EVERY news channel would be all over these stories exposing these guys on every little detail making it so they couldnt even cross their eyes without an answer. I understand police deal with all sorts of different attitudes and dangerous situations, but if they are that afraid to where it gets them to murder someone, then I believe they should face the exact same consequence as any other American would, down to the accomplises and anyone else that was there and decided not to speak up. There were several officers there that night, and each one is covering for the next guy, for what? A pay raise? I hope the consciences of each of those officers, who witnessed my nephew Tommy die, NEVER allows them enough rest to EVER forget what they took part in!

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    • I must have missed a detail in the Federal Court Trial proceedings. Did the police testify they found the BB gun on Mr. Mclean’s body? Did the plaintiff’s side produce evidence in the trial that there was no weapon found on the victim’s body?

      I thought that was the whole point of the proceeding, to establish if the police were lying or not about that?


  5. I am so sorry for your loss. I will remember Tommy’s Birthday every year as we share that day. Everyday you will miss him.

    This has been how EPD has operates.One question I have were the cops wearing uniforms? They had no business talking to Tommy. What happen the cops saw someone they could bully being they were small little people and having a bad night so they decide to screw with Tommy. They murder Tommy but did not confiscate the alleged weapon no pictures at scene. How does the BB gun show up in a dresser drawer? . You would think on the fact they are looking for a replica BB gun on the search warrant proves Tommy was not holding a gun.As far as having a BB gun that is what kids in that neighborhood do. Plunking birds on the cemetery lawns is really a normal thing to do.


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