Strike a real blow for democracy in Eureka

Get Big Money Out of Elections

Give YOUR Neighborhood a Voice

Make Your Vote Count

Encourage candidates to run

Neighbors electing Neighbors

YES on Measure P

old ward map

Same wards different office holders

Proposed Charter Amendment – Measure P


Shall Section 201 of the Charter of the City of Eureka be amended to allow voters to elect a City Councilmember to represent them from the ward in which the residents are registered to vote?

If the voters approve the amendment, Section 201 of the City Charter would be amended as follows:

The City is hereby divided into five (5) wards, numbered consecutively from one (1) to five (5), inclusive, the respective boundaries of which shall be as established on the effective date of this section; provided, that the Council shall by ordinance change such boundaries from time to time to provide equal representation among the five (5) wards in compliance with the one person – one vote principle. The qualified electors of the City shall elect one member of the Council from the ward in which the residents are registered to vote.

Ballot Language

Shall Section 201 of the Charter of the City of Eureka be amended to allow voters to elect a City Councilmember to represent them from the ward in which the residents are registered to vote?

Eureka Council elections cost anywhere from $10,000 to $90,000+. Who has this kind of money? Eureka’s wealthy, who find ways to funnel money to some candidates. Many good working people look at these amounts and just give up on running.

Our City deserves to have a City Council that represents all of its residents. In a True Ward system, you vote for a representative for your neighborhood, you decide if you like what that person stands for, and if they will represent you well. Right now, those candidates who are supported by wealthy donors can plaster the city with signs and fill the airways with ads, while regular working people, who understand many of Eureka’s issues due to their first-hand experience, can be shut out. Our current citywide elections allow candidates to lose the election in their own ward – their own neighborhood – and still win election to the Council. Votes are counted by precincts, so you can’t even tell who won in a Ward.

A True Ward system is also the only one proven to stand up to legal challenges under the California Voting Rights Act, and it will encourage more candidates to run – giving YOU more choice. It’s the truly democratic system.

Vote YES on Measure P


6 thoughts on “Strike a real blow for democracy in Eureka

  1. I agree, but how can we get Fred on board?


    • You won’t. This is actually a glass half full/half empty type of issue. There’s no compelling reason to vote for it. Nor is there any compelling reason to vote against it, aside from most people wanting to keep their voting options open. And that’s not all that compelling, either, as those votes could go anywhere.


  2. Trying to “reach across the isle” to right-wingers is foolhardy. I suspect it’s part of the lingering delusion in finding common ground through compromise, a warm and fuzzy attempt to be “positive”, and a strategy that has never once delivered significant social change.

    In fact, historic, positive social changes require the opposite, in effect, a degree of fear and loathing that exceeds what bureaucrats and representatives fear and loath from their benefactors and contributors.

    Don’t expect “Fred” to offer any remotely intelligent reason for opposing a measure that would empower an average-income resident to compete against deep-pocket candidates by personally canvassing every home in their ward.

    It is a fundamental, long overdue reform of a money-corrupted system.

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  3. Why would it be democratic to have someone on ward five voting for a candidate in ward one. That is like people in the most southern town in Oregon, Brookings, voting for candidates in Crescent City. Very much the same issues for both places, wouldn’t you agree Fred?

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  4. The last thing the right with money wants is a more level playing field. It’s important for people like McBeth, the Ingomar boys and good ole Chamber of Comm people to know that their money insulates them from worrying about that pesky level playing field. They are not looking for life as being mutually beneficial . Life to them is when it’s tilted for their benefit and at the expense of others. Why it cracks me up to see Brady, Newman and Frank doing the anti P commercial. If there is ever local poster children for the hard right in town they would be perfect examples. Vote Yes , Why should it be any different than how we vote for supervisors ???

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  5. If you want a model that is currently in place, use the house of representatives and the senate. One candidate representing the whole city and one rep. for each ward. That could easily be done by having the Mayor have a vote on all issues, and that office be voted on by the whole city. The rest would be ward only voting.


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