The Examiner recommends “YES” on V

Vote Yes on V to Save Affordable Housing
One of Humboldt’s top issues is near the end of your ballot. To protect seniors, housing affordability and healthy communities, vote Yes on V!

State Sen. Mike McGuire says: “Measure V is fiscally responsible, carefully drafted and will help keep seniors and families in their homes.”

The Eureka Times-Standard says: “Humboldt County is already struggling with a homelessness crisis and an affordable housing crisis and a nursing home crisis … Humboldt County has enough crises already. Let’s give mobile home park residents a break.”

Did you know that most of the people who live in mobilehome parks in Humboldt County own their own homes but pay rent every month for the land their homes sit on? Did you know that this “mobile” housing is so expensive to move that most mobilehomes are never moved once they are set in place?

This makes mobilehome owners “captive” renters, who are tied to the land by their biggest asset, often purchased after a lifetime of hard work. Mobilehome residents are seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and hardworking families. Many of them are on fixed incomes. They will cut back on everything they can to keep paying mobilehome space rents, because their only asset ties them to the land.

Measure V will protect mobilehome owners by tying rent increases to the Consumer Price Index and by setting rules on how other fees can be imposed. It will protect the owners of mobilehome parks by giving them a path for rent increases to cover emergency repairs or improvements that have been requested by more than half of the residents in their park. It will protect Humboldt County taxpayers by creating a fund to pay for administration.

Humboldt County has long recognized and encouraged mobilehome parks as an important source of affordable housing. This housing requires no government subsidy. Keeping this housing segment healthy will help everyone in our community — our friends, our relatives, our neighbors. Please volunteer, endorse and donate to help us fight the out-of-county investors who have contributed more than $100,000 to stop Measure V. You can contribute online or mail a check to:

Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition

P.O. Box 2004

McKinleyville, CA 95519

FPPC #1383537

Please include a note listing your name, street address (sorry, not a post office box), occupation and employer. This information is required by the state. Thanks for understanding.

This website is paid for by the Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition, urging you to Vote Yes On V on Nov. 8!


One thought on “The Examiner recommends “YES” on V

  1. A dirty campaign is being waged in Humboldt County. It is attacking the only refuge that many of our elders have — their homes.

    This $200,000 mess of fear and distortion is being run by investors who are buying up Humboldt County’s mobile home parks. They are trying to scare us into turning our backs on our neighbors. Don’t fall for it!

    The Democratic Party in Humboldt has signed the ballot argument in favor of Measure V, and is urging you to Vote Yes on V on Nov. 8.

    The League of Women Voters Humboldt County says Vote Yes On V to save affordable housing.

    The Eureka Times-Standard, groups that advocate for seniors and for affordable housing, and more than 20 current and former elected officials are all endorsing Yes on V.

    Here’s why: People who live in mobile home parks generally own their home, but rent the land beneath it. Because the homes aren’t really mobile, these homeowners are sitting ducks when investors buy the land and begin raising rents beyond what people can manage. Measure V limits rent increases to just once a year, and to no more than that year’s increase in the Consumer Price Index. It also limits other fees, provides paths for other rent increases in unusual circumstances, and defrays its own costs with a fee on mobile home park spaces that are affected.

    State Sen. Mike McGuire says: “Measure V is fiscally responsible, carefully drafted and will help keep seniors and families in their homes.”

    You can go to our website,, to learn more. You can friend our Humboldt Mobilehome Facebook page. But most of all, you can VOTE.

    Measure V will be at or close to the end of your ballot, but it’s one of the most important decisions you can make to affect people’s daily lives here in Humboldt.


    Thank you,
    Yes on V Campaign Team

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