City of Eureka……and the party never stops

We got this “unverified” tip from one of our readers. We are passing it along because it sounds like business as usual at the City of Eureka to us:


City Manager Sparks

I understand through my sources that the City of Eureka is sending the entire I.T. Team to the biggest I.T. party in the country. I understand folks just go for the big after party and yak at vendors. Of course they had to send everyone in I.T. as no one in it is smart enough to get the, cough, information and share it. So the City, which can’t keep a fire house open after raising a tax to do so, can afford to send the entire department at $500.00 a head for the tickets, round trip air fare from Eureka to Austin, Texas, 3 hotel rooms for 3 nights and meals, Oh and wait, then pay Nylex to be on call for 24 hours a day for 4 days in case something happens. But I’m sure it will be worth it for the City. Here is a direct quote from the sponsor of the event: “The most happenin’ IT conference around! It’s where IT pros and tech marketers come together to learn, meet, and play as they share tech tips, feast on Texas BBQ, and have one heck of a time — what more could you ask for?” Yes indeed City of Eureka, what more could you ask for? Maybe a little more fiscal responsibility, maybe council people who pay attention to where the tax dollars are going, oh, but that is a dream world. But enjoy Eureka, I understand that Eureka has a higher sales tax than 83% of California localities. Party on Eureka, party on!



10 thoughts on “City of Eureka……and the party never stops

  1. If only this was an exception. Local politicos are constantly going to parties…. er… I mean conferences… all over the country. And who get’s the bill?

    Party hearty…


  2. I suspect your dour attitude would be different if the people in question were progressives.


  3. I’d bet just about anything that this “source” is a disgruntled cop or firefighter upset they are not getting 110 percent of general fund monies.

    Uhmmm, it’s a training, something budgeted.

    ” I understand folks just go for the big after party and yak at vendors.”

    I’m sure your understanding is incorrect. I.T. folks need regular training just like public safety. In fact the bulk of I.T.s time is spent at PD or fire.

    Cops and Firefighters are not the only people who need regular training.

    If you want to take a look at a bad look for the City and the County, take a look at the fiasco where county and city staff were in Pennsylvania riding go carts (it’s on facebook, I know you some of you trusty sleuths can find it) ostensibly doing disaster training. Yeah, it was paid for in part, but what about the work that did not get done in their absence?

    Or, even worse, all of the City Council Members as well as most city department heads going to the annual league of california cities conference – no training there, just an unending cocktail party and networking event.


  4. Ssdd in eureka
    Glad I moved outta that hellhole back in college
    The courthouse n lawyers are just a good ole boys club. Who you know and how much cash you have can get you outta anything there. It’s sad to see and worse to live or be affected by it. Wish that city the best but continue to see it at its worst. Ill stay to the north tyvm


  5. Personally, I got about 3000 miles west of Eureka to get away from the city that ‘could not get it right’ in the 25 years I lived there. If the right way to do something is on the agenda, they go left. Never have I seen a city quite like it. Must be something in the water. They can’t even build a sewer line through a sand hill with out messing it up.
    Now, off to Austin for burned beef and some toe tappin’ to Austin’s famous music scene.

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    • Don’t you mean that you have moved 3,000 miles East? Austin is southeast of Eureka with 2,000 driving miles in between. However, I bet the music is good there!


  6. Apparently, Eureka and Humboldt County’s emergency training is only for the executive’s benefit.

    After decades of seminars, only they know the plan, where the emergency shelters are located, or the evacuation routes if that nice Tsunami warning siren sounds, or when the much anticipated catastrophic earthquake hits.

    Eureka claimed it’s high-tech conferencing system costing tens of thousands of dollars would save far more in travel expenses. Not true.

    Bureaucratic egos cannot survive without their junkets.


  7. Several times while picking up my children from school I noticed a City of Eureka car and a tall gentleman picking up his children. I began to spot him at least once a week or more. I am wondering if City vehicles can be used for personal business? Are the tax payers paying for ride services for City employees children now. When I called to ask I was told it was against City policy because they were not insured for this. I reported the license number to them after I saw it again but never heard back. I’m assuming he must be in some position of power and nothing will be done because I’ve seen him again several times. Then I saw him again at Costco getting groceries but I am sure it was City business because he was using the same car LOL. I’m moving out of Eureka soon. Is Fortuna any better?


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