All you need to know about this pivotal council election in Eureka


Choice of the good ol’ boys & girls



For millennia people have been judged by the company they keep.

The list of people endorsing John Fullerton is very enlightening and should be all you need to know about this pivotal election.

This looks more like a list of the who’s who of the far right and crony developer-power elite but it’s right off his web site as his endorsers

David Tyson

Rex Bohn

Virginia Bass

Sheriff Mike Downey

Mayor Frank Jäger

Melinda Ciarabellini

Marian Brady

Mike Jones

Mike L. Newman

Johanna Rodoni

Bob Morris

Lee Ulansey

Alan Bongio

Keven McKenny

Jeff Regan

Joe Bonino

John McBeth

Rich Ames

Chuck Ellsworth

Larry Doss

Dennis Hunter

Dave Saunderson

Gene Bass

Don & Barbara Leonard

Annette DeModena

Joy Finley

Jim & Sharon Redd

Jeff Ragan

Ron Pierre

Fred Nelson

Liana & Bud Simpson

Joe Bonino

Bruce Rupp

Jeff Lamoree

Margaret Stafford

Chet Albin

Neil Hubbard

Rich Matteoli

Ruth & Jim Worthen

Gene Davenport

Debbie Provolt

Minnie Wolf


After seeing this list the Examiner recommends you vote for Austin Allison Eureka City Council


6 thoughts on “All you need to know about this pivotal council election in Eureka

  1. They seem to be entirely too over represented around here.

    Vote for Allison, we need new people and new ideas represented here instead of these people who own everything and think they have all the answers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What are his ideas?
      I mean his own ideas, not those who put him up to it at the last minute.
      I would like to hear what he thinks but did not get the impression it was his voice when I heard him at a forum.


    • That list is all i need to know as to why I should vote for Allison.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for dropping by eurekajim.

        I for one miss you since I don’t like LoCO’s Thunderdome (where you usually hang out) very much.

        I hope to see more from you here.

        By the way: How’s your campaign going on beating Puff N’ Stuff’s commenting record?

        Liked by 1 person

      • It’ll take me another 5 years to catch up to Puff. lol


  2. The other thing the public has a right to know is why the blood vessels on Fullerton’s nose are dilated.

    The more you know about that list of supporters the more you know the reason why.

    More than marriage, class, race, sex, or age, it’s the tie that binds.

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