Outside big money is rolling in………HELP!

Dear friends,

It’s happened. Some of the darkest fears of mobile home park residents are coming true.

Outside investors are pouring big money — huge money — into stopping Measure V, which would protect seniors, veterans, working families, and other mobile home owners from repeated, unlimited increases on the space rent they must pay for the land their own homes sit on.
Just seven contributions have given the “no” campaign $135,000 so far — an average of$19,285 per campaign donor.
Yes on V needs your help to fight back for affordable housing and for social justice. Please don’t let big investors buy Humboldt’s votes. With enough small contributors, we can break through their noise and tell people the truth about Measure V. Even $5 or $10 will help. A contribution of $27, the average that Bernie Sanders got from his small donors, sends a message that small contributors will keep coming, and keep on working to make a difference in our future. Whatever you can manage — $1 or $100 — will help some of Humboldt’s most vulnerable families stay in their own homes.
Please go to our Act Blue page now to contribute, or mail a check to:
Humboldt Mobilehome Owners Coalition
PO Box 2004
McKinleyville, CA 95519
(FPPC 1383537)
Once you’ve donated, please share your gift with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. Your donation amount won’t be disclosed, and your social media share will boost our visibility without costing another penny.
There’s another way you can help that won’t cost a dime. Please go to our website, www.humboldtmobilehome.org/ , and click on the “endorse” button to add your name to our list of supporters. Tell your friends. Invite them to learn about Measure V, a law that was drafted to be fair to mobile home owners, fair to the owners of mobile home park land, and fair to Humboldt County taxpayers. Encourage them to endorse us online, and to consider donating or volunteering.
You can also help by joining other local volunteers each Sunday from noon to 4:00 at the Labor Temple in Eureka to canvass and phone bank for this issue.
Together, people power and people’s contributions can beat the corporate money. Let’s do this now.
Thank you!
Yes on V Humboldt

5 thoughts on “Outside big money is rolling in………HELP!

  1. The word on the street is that big cannibis is trying to acquire the Willow Creek golf course and trailer park for a destination cannibis tourist getaway.


  2. “Word on the street” Sure sounds like Trump talk. He is always trying to make his case look stronger by attributing a host of followers and believers that are with him. Good try though.


  3. So let me get this straight, saying “word on the street” is now Trump speak?
    What would you call ignoring content and attacking the writer? May be Hillaryesq.


  4. Just saying, That is the way he justifies his statements as being truth. It is a way of turning street talk into fact. If the shoe fits, so be it. If not throw the shoe away. By the way, I did weigh the content and it didn’t make much sense.


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