Democrats and sane people, are you freaking out yet?


This shouldn’t even be close

Why is Trump gaining on Clinton

“Clinton got a large convention bounce. In our polls-only model, for example, Clinton got as high as an 89 percent chance of winning and was projected to win the national vote by 8.6 percentage points. But since mid-August, her chances have fallen steadily. Right now, she’s at a 69 percent chance of winning and only is projected to win the national vote by 3.9 percentage points”

Did Hillary Clinton just make her own ’47 percent’ gaffe?

“To just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables,'” Hillary Clinton said at a New York fundraiser on Sept. 9. “They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it. And unfortunately, there are people like that, and he has lifted them up.”

Democrats wonder and worry why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump

NEW YORK — With Election Day less than two months away, Democrats are increasingly worried that Hillary Clinton has not built a formidable lead against Donald Trump despite his historic weaknesses as a national party candidate.

Even the Democratic nominee’s advisers acknowledge that she must make changes, and quickly. Clinton leads Trump by three percentage points, having fallen from her high of nine points in August, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average. That tightening has frustrated many Clinton allies and operatives, who are astonished that she isn’t running away with this race, given Trump’s deep unpopularity and his continuing stream of controversial comments.

“Generally, I’m concerned, frankly,” said former Democratic Senate leader Thomas A. Daschle (S.D.). “It still looks positive, and I think if you look at the swing states and where she is right now, she’s got a lead. But it’s certainly not in the bag. We have two months to go, and I think it’s going to be a competitive race all the way through. I would say she’s got at least a 60 percent chance of winning.”

At the same time, Daschle said, “all the things that Trump has done, the numbers should be far more explicitly in her favor, but they’re not.”

Among Democrats’ concerns is the fact that Clinton spent a great deal of time over the summer raising millions of dollars in private fundraisers while Trump was devoting much of his schedule to rallies, speeches and TV appearances — although many of those didn’t go as well as his campaign may have hoped……………….

“Trump’s pulled neck-and-neck in a few recent public polls” and is ahead in the battleground Ohio in one survey, campaign manager Robby Mook wrote to supporters. “His fundraising numbers are spiking — he and the Republicans raised $90 million in August (his best month yet). His ground game is growing,” Mook wrote.

“That means we can’t underestimate our opponent — because if we don’t see a serious uptick in our fundraising right now, Donald Trump’s presidency could be a real possibility.”

“It’s really quite amazing that after the Trump adventure this is still a competitive race,” said Scott Reed, chief strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a longtime Republican operative who managed Bob Dole’s 1996 presidential campaign.

“It’s going to be the craziest 60 days we’ve ever seen in politics,” said Mary Anne Marsh, a veteran Democratic consultant who is not working for the campaign but said she remains confident in Clinton’s chances. “Give me any other Republican, and I can tell you exactly how this is going to go down. I can’t do that with Donald Trump.”

She added: “I don’t think we’ve seen the most negative part of this campaign yet, and that’s saying a lot.”…………………….

It’s difficult for either party to win a third consecutive term, as evidenced by the fact that Republican George H.W. Bush is the only example in decades. A sizable number of voters think the country is on the wrong track.

And Clinton is a highly unpopular candidate in her own right. Democrats maintain in particular that Clinton faces unprecedented obstacles as both the first woman to be a major-party nominee and the object of sustained Republican attack for 25 years.

“I don’t care what any poll tells me,” said Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, during an appearance Friday night in Norfolk. “We’re the underdog until they call us the winner.”


In a Friday afternoon conference call with reporters, Republican National Committee officials and Trump’s deputy campaign manager touted their field efforts and promoted their National Day of Action, in which they will aim to knock on more than 350,000 doors across the country on Saturday.

Sean Spicer, the RNC’s chief strategist, said the number of RNC staffers and volunteers in the key states is up dramatically from four years ago.

“The footprint is exponentially larger,” Spicer said.

The Clinton campaign has warned donors and supporters since the convention that the race would be tight and they cannot afford to get too comfortable.

“As I’ve said many, many times: I’ve always thought this was going to be a close election,” Clinton said Thursday.

To distill the week: Clinton proved herself knowledgeable, if foggy, and experienced in public affairs, as well as in artifice and deceit. Trump is a substance-free figment of his own imagination, whose stated reason for running for president is that he thinks he can win….


7 thoughts on “Democrats and sane people, are you freaking out yet?

  1. Obviously those that don’t want to see Trump become our dictator need to stay engaged and focused through the election (and vote, duh). This attention is not only needed so that people go to the polls but it’s also important that people continue to focus on the content coming from the Trump campaign and his followers. If we aren’t careful as a nation this language of hatred, fear, bigotry, racism will become the norm in our political discourse and as we’ve seen this motivates crazies to act on this spew. The primary differences between Repubs and Dems over the years has usually focused on government spending/private vs govt/social values. Fear of the other, the one who doesn’t look like you, has always been a part of Repubs strategy for success but this election cycle this is the only real theme and by normalizing this it makes it ok to be racist bigot as now this is starting to become a political viewpoint – very scary future if this continues.

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  2. Ya gotta wonder what life will be like in Humboldt under Trump’s police state?


  3. Why is Trump “gaining” on Clinton?
    Duh, it’s because the oft touted, but virtually non-existent “liberal media” has been doing its best to make this election a horse race, i.e., more ad $$$ for their individual corporate media empires. A runaway would merely pump $$$ into fall sports games for those media outlets who broadcast them.

    This is why Trump gets a pass on all his ethics and racist gaffes, plus tax returns, while Clinton keeps getting email questions. Does anyone asking those questions even understand what the significant and specific “crime” committed by HRC was? Classified emails, something, something, deleted, something, something, guilty,” hang the bitch” repeat, Reince, repeat again.

    The Monday night CiC shit-show hosted by NBC’s lower tier fluffer, Matt Lauer, was a perfect example of this in action. You have to ask yourself: who composed the questions that ML asked each candidate? Was it actually Lauer himself, a collaborative effort by his NBC support team, or, the ghost writer of Melania Trump’s RNC speech? Hard to tell.

    To paraphrase that prophetic Sect of Defense, D. Rumsfeld, you have to go to the election with the media you have, not the media you might want or wish to have.

    Whatever the outcome we, and the world who are watching us, will find out who we really are.

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    • When you start off saying the media is pro Trump, you pretty much lose all credibility from that point forward.

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      • It’s not that the media so much pro Trump it’s that they’re pro ad revenue. Trump brings the viewers then the dollars follow. We long for the days of “equal time”.

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      • Never said that, JW. What I said was it’s all about the $$$ for the media which is why it may appear to be pro Trump, I’ll grant you that. Phrasing it a different way; when, where, and by whom, are the hard questions on policy ever addressed to Trump? You know, how is he actually going to round up and deport 11 million “illegals”? How much will that cost? Where will that $$$ come from?
        Clinton has stated her policies on any number of issues. Problem is the media doesn’t appear interested in policy from either candidate. That is a glaring failure of the media. You can come up with your own explanations for it if you like. Let’s hear them.

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  4. 80% of the potential voters did not vote in the 2016 presidential primaries, a worsening reality since the 70’s, yet, never included as the biggest context of every U.S. election report for 40 years.

    No commercial media source would want to threaten a billion dollar campaign-ad industry by raising concerns over the legitimacy of 12%-15% “majorities” of the potential voters calling the shots. (This doesn’t explain non-commercial media also self-censoring the facts).

    Of course Trump will be worse than Clinton but after a generation of bipartisan wars of choice, wars for oil, unprecedented public divestment to pay for them, zero progress on a green jobs, and continuing deregulation of Wall Street, people have little trust left. Few of the youths Berned by Bernie’s beautifully choreographed Bait-and-Switch, are going to support Clinton.

    California is not a swing state so voters here have another opportunity to send a message by supporting the Green Party in 2016.

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