Maybe Chief Mills won’t get off so easy…..this time


The Tommy McClain wrongful death trial is set to start on Nov. 17 the Federal Courthouse in McKinleyville, in Humboldt County, 13 miles north of Eureka. (The Examiner is looking for volunteer witness/reporters)

Upon hearing the news about EPD and the City of Eureka’s trial date for the wrongful death of Tommy McClain, Shayna Gonzalez‎ of San Diego posted this message:

“This is wonderful news!! The chief of police in Eureka Andy Mills was with the San Diego Police Dept for many many years. He is one of the most ruthless cold hearted officers I’ve ever known of. He ran the swat operation that ended in the killing of my cousin in law Angel Lopez and in turn hired to Chief of Police in Eureka. They must’ve liked his style of policing up there ………”

(After reading that we then did a Google search about the death of Angel Lopez and found the story below.)

Was Tommy McClains’s death preventable?  We think so given the purposeful choice Eureka. If Eureka didn’t hire the San Diego SWAT commander that oversaw the shooting death of Angel Lopez, maybe Tommy would be alive.  Lopez was shot and killed, while unarmed.  Chief Mills was in command of the officers involved in that shooting.  The whole operation was based on misinformation and overreacting by police.  Sound Familiar? ( not on my watch

The parallels with the killing of Tommy McClain are too blatant to be ignored.  The fact that Eureka hired Mills, knowing he was being sued for the killing of an unarmed man isn’t shocking, that’s business as usual in Eureka when it comes to EPD.  Although the case was eventually dismissed due to procedural errors, the backbone of the case showed trigger happy SWAT officers, under the command of Mills, killing a man who was running away posing no threat to officers. While many of us were shocked and dismayed that Mills would cover for and promote both “Incident Commander Stephens” and “shooter Linfoot”, it really shouldn’t have been a surprise given Mills history at San Diego. When we read this story its all starting to make some kind sick sense now. Let’s hope the Attorney for the family, Dale Galipo, is able to hold EPD and Eureka responsible.  Not just the one who pulled the trigger, but all of the command staff that created the culture and carelessness that oversaw the homicide of Tommy McClain!

The Angel Lopez homicide:

SAN DIEGO (CN) – A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the family of a man who was shot and killed in a botched SWAT operation.

U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel dismissed the first amended complaint filed by Lydia Lopez and her children on behalf of their slain husband and father Angel Lopez on Feb. 4.

Lopez was unarmed when he was shot to death on Jan. 17, 2013, after a vengeful heroin dealer told San Diego Police Lopez was a cartel member who had held the dealer hostage.

Defendants in the case included Lou Torres, a parole agent with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation; Andrew Mills, a captain with the San Diego Police Department; and Lt. Alberto Leos and Sgt. Scott Holslag, also with the SDPD. Alec Pojas, the alleged heroin dealer who gave police the bad tip, was also a defendant.

Lydia Lopez said it all started when Pojas called Torres and claimed Angel and his father had kidnapped him and held him prisoner in an apartment on Reservoir Drive for a month. Pojas said that Angel Lopez and his father tortured him, “leaving his blood on the floor,” and that he managed to escape by jumping from a third-story balcony.

Pojas also claimed Angel Lopez and his father had an AK-47 and that Angel was always armed with a .25 caliber pistol, according to Curiel’s summary of the complaint.

Torres then provided the false information to Mills, which was then relayed to the other SDPD defendants. Lydia Lopez claimed police failed to vet the accuracy of the tip and called in the SWAT unit – which was told armed cartel members were holding a hostage at the apartment complex.

According to Curiel’s summary of the complaint, the machine-gun wielding SWAT team surprised Angel Lopez in the parking lot, and he ran back into the apartment building. Officers followed him inside, where Officer Kristopher Walb ran into him in a third-floor hallway and ordered him to the ground.

Though Angel Lopez allegedly complied, Walb shot him “twice in the back and once in the back of the head with a MP-5 submachine gun,” according to the order.

Walb was not a party to the complaint. He claimed that he shot Angel Lopez because he believed the man was armed with a pistol, though an investigation showed that he was not. There were no people armed with AK-47s in the building, and Pojas’s blood was not found on the apartment floor, Curiel wrote.

Lydia Lopez claimed Pojas knew her husband was on parole and wanted for a parole violation and sought to manipulate police into harming him. Police officers did not find Pojas until the next day.

In his dismissal order, Curiel explained the plaintiffs essentially copied and pasted information from their previous complaint “other than deleting two paragraphs.” He called the former and new causes of action “identical.”

“Changing the name of the first cause of action and leaving the salient allegations the same does not change the essence of the claim,” Curiel wrote.

While the new complaint argued the first cause of action on the basis of failure to investigate an anonymous informant’s claims, Curiel understood the first cause of action to be an excessive force claim.

Curiel also noted while Leos and Holslag were “mission leaders” and issued commands to SWAT officers, the first amended complaint did not argue those commands included injuring or killing Angel Lopez.

The defendants were not present when Walb shot and killed Angel Lopez, but were at a command post near the apartment complex.

For the supervisory conduct liability cause of action, Lydia Lopez argued that when the defendants provided false information to the SWAT team they “drastically increased the SWAT team’s perception that Lopez was armed and dangerous and therefore increased ‘exponentially’ the risk that deadly force would be used.”

Curiel wrote that Pojas did provide some factual information regarding Angel Lopez’s status as a parolee at large and his address, which was corroborated before the SWAT team was deployed. As for the false information Pojas provided to authorities on the kidnapping and weapons he claimed Angel Lopez had, Curiel said the claims could not have been investigated prior to the attempted arrest.

Pojas reportedly “suddenly terminated contact with authorities” during the course of the operation.

Curiel also called the new facts of the first amended complaint “vague,” noting the plaintiffs did not identify the mission goals or parameters that Lydia Lopez claimed the defendants issued.

“Defendants could not have foreseen that highly trained SWAT officers allegedly would use excessive force in attempting to apprehend Lopez, even SWAT officers armed with the very information defendants provided them,” Curiel wrote.

Curiel noted multiple times throughout the 26-page order the plaintiffs did not establish defendants’ liability as “integral participants” in the constitutional deprivation that resulted in Lopez’s death. Accordingly, he said allowing Lopez’s family leave to amend the complaint again would be “futile.”

“Plaintiffs have had ample opportunities to adequately plead their claims arising out of the shooting incident of Angel Lopez,” Curiel wrote. “The court cannot conceive of any new facts that could possibly cure the pleading.”

City Attorney spokesman Gerry Braun said Curiel got the law right and noted the city was happy with the hard work by Deputy City Attorneys Rayna Stephan and Kathy Steinman on the case.

Lopez’s attorney Julia Yoo did not return email or phone requests for comment.

An earlier case regarding the shooting death of Angel Lopez is currently on appeal with the Ninth Circuit. There have been four separate complaints filed in court arising out of the same incident and same set of facts.


10 thoughts on “Maybe Chief Mills won’t get off so easy…..this time

  1. This whole thing stinks… like last weeks CRAPPY Diapers left out in the hot sun!!!!


  2. Do you ever have anything positive and uplifting to say or are you a natural born hater?


  3. This guy has pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes in this city. In some ways that’s the more sicking aspect of this tragedy.


  4. And why did our former City Manager Tyson fire Cheif Garr Neilson ?? Oh that’s right because he would not be a yes man to the right wing power players of Eureka. And this is what we now have. Shitty decision Dave, putting Eureka citizens in harms way to appeal to your right wing friends . Eureka PD doesn’t even want to respond to shoplifting calls anymore. And this is good for our city how ?

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    • Dave doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Eureka he lives in Cutten. He collects a super fat retirement check from the city. I’ve always heard he fired Garr as retribution.

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  5. I will simply say, what I have always stated since Tommy lost his life, as a result of reckless and ignorant decisions made by the EPD: Justice for Tommy McClain!! I also at times wonder why the EPD seldom expresses a sense of humility and contrite spirit when addressing their response to a preventable death. I just don’t get it.

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  6. Don’t blame the Chief. He wasn’t even on scene. Blame the person who started it. I’m so very sorry a young man lost his life. It’s now up to the court to put the blame on whom ever. Whether the young man pulled or displayed a weapon is on hI’m , the officer and god . You can’t blame someone who wasn’t there. Just my opinion


  7. Handing people lethal weaponry without sufficient psychological reviews and training are causing the wrongful deaths of hundreds of civilians each year. We don’t know the exact number because no single agency is responsible for keeping track and few journalists are inquiring.

    However, we know at least one reason from citizen’s videos.

    These cops are scared to death.

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  8. My prayers are with you … its been 3 1/2 years since my husband Angel Lopez was killed by SD SWAT Officer Walb.Everyday as broken as losing my husband and having to raise our newborn twins alone has been…holding it together and staying strong no matter the time or obstacles. I cant give up or forget that day because i feel it replays to the details every moment to this day- Every life carries a value far more greater then that in which some assume $$money can heal the loss of a loved one.
    I’d give anything to hear his voice or feel him close again . REST IN PARADISE TO MY HUSBAND ANGEL LOPEZ . I LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY FOR IT KNOWS NO EXPIRATION … reality has no room for error –



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