Delusional former Eureka Councilman

old ward map

Notice in the copy of an old ward map from the NC Journal that the wards are gerrymandered to allow all the council members to live within a few blocks of each other


Former Eureka Councilman Ed Davenport Jr in a letter to the Times standard he strangely warns Eureka of voting for the True Ward measure: he says “Watch your wallet”

Davenport along with Hannah is one the architects of this unfair mess that the City finds itself in. He says below is a list of voting topics that city council members are currently voting on that will increase your taxes, leading Eureka citizens paying more for city services or future city development. That’s all well and good, except almost all of these things have been done repeatedly over the years with the current screwed up bogus ward system we have now.

It almost boggles the mind when you look at the list.  Almost every one of these measures has been undertaken, even within very recent memory, under the current bogus ward system. It’s almost as if Davenport Jr.s argument against a true ward system is, “Look, at all these terrible choices that have been made under the old system.  They’re horrible. So make sure to vote against the new true ward system to make sure this stuff we been doing right along, doesn’t happen in the future!”.

  • Sewer rate increases
  • Water rate increases
  • Utility user tax on business
  • City manager pay raise
  • City attorney pay raise
  • Property zone changes
  • Development of harbor waterfront areas
  • Sales tax increases
  • City employees wage increases and benefits
  • Suddenlink TV service fee increase approvals
  • Harbor boat docking fees
  • Planning Commission Development fee increases
  • Increase in cost of a business license
  • City bus fare increases or subsidy
  • Future city redevelopment issues
  • City road paving and maintenance • Planning Department fee increases
  • Developer and construction changes
  • City council member pay rises (note: this as not happen nor is it likely to)

If any of the above topics is of interest to you as a citizen of Eureka, then voting for the True Ward system will guarantee that your voice/vote will carry much more weight with your chosen council member.


3 thoughts on “Delusional former Eureka Councilman

  1. 5 votes that don’t count or one that does


  2. Ed writes a lot like Tom Hannah. Beyond truthiness…


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