Doesn’t the largest city in Humboldt County deserve more than an inverse game of musical chairs?

times standard

So even our local corporate owned newspaper the Times-Standard can’t help but notice something is very wrong with Eureka elections, but as usual they completely miss the point. They ask:

“Why waste time debating Eureka’s proposed ward system when the city can barely find enough candidates to put City Council seats in play?”

Because as we point out in our post:


the amount of money and organization needed to run against the developer political machine in a city wide election staggering and the political hatchet machine visibly represented by Mr Chiv’d and his slander/defamation posts.


In a “True ward – True voice” system it would greatly diminish the effect of the $50,000 war chest which seems to be a guaranteed minimum to any Owen-Arkley-Mcbeth blessed candidate. An underfunded challenger could actually level the playing field by knocking on every door in their ward and personally connecting with their neighbors. The impact of Kramer and other big landlords force tenants city wide to have campaign signs on the lawn of the house they’re renting would be somewhat defused.

It’s not a given as some would want you to believe that it would be a guaranteed progressive council with five wards. There is one that’s reliably conservative and one that leans conservative.  There’s one that’s reliably to the left and two others that vote either way. What the true ward system would create is fairness and a more level playing field that will allow regular citizens with good ideas to have a shot at holding office.

Don’t let the local right wing or not so local corporately run print newspaper fool you, the true ward is the way to open up the city council to a broader range of candidates.


Time Standard Editorial we’re refering to here:


8 thoughts on “Doesn’t the largest city in Humboldt County deserve more than an inverse game of musical chairs?

  1. Having lived in cities with true ward voting, and cities with at-large voting, I agree that, in general, true ward leads to better representation.

    I guess it didn’t occur to the subgeniuses at the Substandard that the fact that Eureka has a hard time finding people to run a citywide race and keeps ending up with uncontested elections might be a reason to try a system that allows people to run at the ward level instead, since there may be more people willing to run a campaign at that more grassroots level. Or maybe it occurred to them, but they decided to obfuscate instead?

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  2. “Developer political machine”, I think you have been reading too much Saul Alinsky.
    You want so much to hate somebody you are inventing a boogy man.
    Have you seen all the out of control rampant developments here in Humboldt? If so please point them out.


    • The developers have a huge influence on local politics. Why the planning commission has HUMCPR members along with two contractors who have been business partners in the past. Why Rob Mac Beth of O&M industries hosts $1000 per couple dinners at his house hor Rex, why they gather at the Ingomar Club and circle up money. Rob Arkley empowered these me first types locally as we now see Trump empowering the same ilk nationally.

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    • @eastwestrailroad @Old Sam

      The City of Eureka is in a bit of a different situation than much of the county, in that Eureka is already pretty well built-out, which means not much room for new single-family residential development, other than a few vacant lots. Basically nowhere left to sprawl within city limits. Increasing residential development in Eureka would mean increasing density, and/or more MIL units and more multi-family structures, and/or putting more residential units in mixed-use settings alongside commercial and/or light industrial uses. All of which sounds a bit like the “smart growth” we (used to?) hear so much about. In other words, most new housing added within Eureka City limits would, pretty much by definition, not be the kind of “sprawl” that those concerned with not-smart development are concerned about.

      The county is in a very different situation, with a whole lotta raw land out there, some of which is ripe for sprawl.


  3. It’s a testament to widespread media self-censorship that people can act like Humboldt County’s big land owners, speculators and developers played no part in the 1980’s and 2008 housing casinos while local bankers, realtors, brokers, insurers, and inspectors collected a fee every time one of those big foreclosed homes was resold.

    Only a the most uninformed resident would still believe there’s “no sprawl”!

    Tell that to the victims of our injury and fatality rates that are among the highest in California due to inadequate road improvements, or the massive waste water contamination of Eureka’s wetlands and bay requiring taxpayer’s $35 million Martin Slough sewer project, or the inadequate sheriff response time for victims of crime.

    Isn’t it amazing how national and international economies collapsed under the millions of bogus home loans bundled by Wall Street, and yet, silence dominates the individual communities like ours where it all begins?

    With each unbridled housing casino, media complicity becomes more obvious.

    Only one print media, the NCJ, has had the guts to (twice) connect the dots and explain why the development industry dominates local elected and appointed offices. It a story that merits headlines before and after every local election.

    For decades the greedheads and their lobbyists have effectively kept every tool for building affordable infill housing off the table, plopping large home subdivisions wherever Granddady left them property…Cutten, Humboldt Hill, Myrtletown, Elk River, Pine Hill…

    It was never about the “number” of subdivisions, but the tens of millions of dollars to be extorted by rigging the market with large homes, tricking and trapping families into them, turning them over multiple times, and passing the infrastructure costs to the same families that couldn’t afford them in the first place.

    Far be it from commercial media to expose this recurring corruption with any silly reporting linking housing casinos with poverty and homelessness.

    Too many “good citizens” have their hands in the pot.

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  4. So, it’s ok if the developer political machine builds subsidized affordable housing that will be locked into that designation forever. But if that same machine builds a non-subsidized housing subdivision it some sort of sin.
    I am also disturbed at the racial over tones in your comment about the unbridled housing casinos.


  5. Look at the list that was self produced by long time growers..Like Ben Sheppard and almost the whole planning commission. These people when they put in for their license for the county, had to put how long they have been growing on said properties. Seems its been going on for quite sometime and with the new federal court house in McKinleyville. I think we may have several cases for TAX EVASION? We all have to pay our taxes. These people like our Planning Commission, I guess are above the law, us commoners who work everyday and pay our taxes seems like a slap in the face. I have sent a letter along with the list of players who are in local government to the Federal Attorney Generals office as these politicos put themselves in a position to change zoning and re-write our General Plan. These guys thought they were going UN-noticed THEY ARE NOT..

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