The most dangerous presidential candidate in the modern history of this country

Bernie Sanders says, “Donald Trump must be defeated at all costs this November”

The independent senator from Vermont described the reality TV personality as the “most dangerous presidential candidate in the modern history of this country.”

“I say that, not just because of his absurd views on so many issues,” Sanders told Bill Maher on his “Real Time” show Friday, recalling how Trump is a climate change denier who plans to give tax breaks to the top 1 percent.

“This guy is running his entire campaign based on bigotry,” Sanders continued. “Based on trying to divide us up, based on trying to insult Mexicans, Latinos and Muslims and women and African Americans.”

Sanders reminded the audience that Trump was a leader of the “birther” movement, “which tried to delegitimize the first African American president we have ever had.” “This is a guy who must be defeated,” he added.

Over the issue of whether he’d be able to work with Hillary Clinton, who beat him in the race to become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, Sanders admitted it was “no secret” they’d had disagreements.

“But what I intend to do, the day after Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States, is to do everything I can to make sure she goes forward as progressively as she can,” he said.


11 thoughts on “The most dangerous presidential candidate in the modern history of this country

  1. Bernie has consistently shown more class and savvy than some of his followers.

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  2. It is hard for younger people who are first timers in the messy democratic process, to realize it takes time to create progressive change. I am just happy to see these changes being part of the platform and being thoughtfully discussed. the ideas take time, but the operative word is process. A peaceful revolution is not the same as having a civil war to create needed change. At 75 years of age I am just pleased to see this real progress in our body politic.

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  3. I’d vote for Bernie. I’m not sure whether Trump or Hillary will be worse. Trump is crazy, but Hillary is too. Both will completely fuck up both internal and foreign policy. Both are right-wing (yes. Hillary is anti-abortion, pro-big-oil, pro-corporation, pro-foreign-wars, anti-healthcare, anti-separation-of-church-and-state, anti-gay-marriage, and generally indistinguishable from a Republican). Trump happily spouts his crazyness, while Hillary happily says whatever she thinks people want to hear at that instant. Trump might be ineffectively crazy, while Hillary might be enough of an evil schemer to actually turn her crazy into policy. I’m sure as hell not voting for either one of them.

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  4. Bushy tails, What right wing blog have you been reading? If you think it is a toss up between Trump and Hillary you are asleep at the wheel.

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    • I don’t tend to read right-wing blogs. I don’t tend to read left-wing ones either, other than occasionally this one for a laugh when LoCoOuPo links to it. My opinions of Hillary come from her actions and statements alone. Same with Trump. And I dislike both of them.


  5. Bushytails, where did you ever get the idea that Hilary doesn’t support a woman’s right to choose? She is also not for oil or coal to continue as a national energy policy. Climate change is a major fact in our use of fossil fuels. Solar is high on her list for America’s energy needs. Tesla is now building a plant to build the next generation of lithium batteries. I already have a home solar system and it is the future right now. You need to look at the democratic platform and what she is saying in her campaigning. You may not like her but she is heading in the right direction.

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    • What she is saying, and what she is doing, are two very different things. This is very common for political candidates. She says she’s against oil, while voting to support piplines, fracking, etc. She says she’s pro-choice, while also saying she wants to make sure there’s as few abortions as possible. And that abstinence-based sex education is a good idea, following the usual christian whackjobbery. She’s also rather strongly pro-war, and wars are really, really bad for the environment. Not to mention, you know, people. She, again like most politicians, changes her stated viewpoint to whatever she thinks will get the most votes, like first saying how strongly she was against gay marriage, then suddenly claiming to support it when election time comes ’round and studies say it’ll help get votes…

      As to solar… I have 3.5kW on my roof, and I still wouldn’t vote for Clinton.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I rather hate Trump too. As I said, I couldn’t in good conscience vote for either one of them. Neither of them should be leading the country.

      Now, if only we could order a repeat of the Democratic primaries after the DNC admitted it intentionally got Clinton the win…


  6. Times change and people change. She knows we need fossil fuels now as the new technologies are not fully in place. Supporting our current energy needs is best served by producing it here, not buying more and more from the middle east, i.e. pipe lines and drilling. At the same time weening us off fossil fuels.makes sense to me. I doubt there are many people who support unregulated abortions. However they should be available everywhere, given reasonable guidelines. From what information is available on her website and what I hear her saying saying

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  7. As mister trump continues on his current direction, it looks to me like death by a thousand cuts. He doesn’t seem to realize he is bleeding from self inflicted wounds. A very odd person who doesn’t see a tsunami coming his way.

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  8. Bait, Switch and Berned.

    Unless you live in a swing state, you can safely vote your conscience by voting for the Green party.

    Don’t let the “lesser of two evils” be the enemy of the good.


  9. It just hit me NRA–Trumps army! He puts out the call and they load, lock and saddle up.

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