East-West rail debate continues

Guest post from rail advocate Monte Provolt: Second installment of questions I have been receiving.

Bakersfield High School is seen in the background behind the rail cars that go through town as viewed from the overpass on Oak Street.

Question. Would the East West rail impact the NCRA’s current plans?

Answer. The NCRA has stated they have no plans to connect Humboldt Bay to the National rail system in the foreseeable future.


Question. Where can I find shipping times from Asia to Humboldt Bay versus other west coast ports?

Answer. The former Director of Maritime Commerce from the Humboldt Bay Harbor District calculated the following distances from Hong Kong to several California ports if traveling at 25 knots.

Humboldt Bay, 5868 Nautical miles, 9 days.

Oakland, 6147 Nautical miles, 10 days.

Long Beach, 6363, Nautical miles, 11 days.

San Diego, 6534, Nautical miles, 11 days.


Question, Did the Humboldt Bay Harbor District have the authority to consider the East West Rail Route?

Answer. The District appears to have had the authority and guidance necessary to support a study of the East West Rail Route as detailed below in excerpts from:

Appendix II of the California Harbors and Navigation code;

The District current Strategic Plan (2007*2011);

The Humboldt Bay Management Plan.


Question. Would building a new Railroad open the region to corporate influence and destroy our culture here?

Answer. The East West rail feasibility study is intended to help enhance our “culture”, with an improved economy. It is our goals to maintain as much local control of our destiny as possible, while developing living wage jobs that will enable people to support their families.

History shows that having a good economy is the best way to avoid being “colonized” by outsiders, much like what is happening now with the Cannabis industry.


7 thoughts on “East-West rail debate continues

  1. Question: How do you plan to get the land for this boondocks boondoggle?

    Question: From which taxpayers’ pockets do you expect to obtain the millions (or billions) of dollars needed for this choo-choo to nowhere?

    Question: How does “small government” fit in with this programme?

    Question: If you really are feeling terribly constrained by the lack of a railroad here to do your business, please explain in detail why you and your business can’t move nearer to a train?

    Question: Are you willing to wait the 25+ years it will take to build this project to benefit some business you are in now?

    Question: What was your IQ the last time it was tested?

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    • “please explain in detail why you and your business can’t move nearer to a train?” Yes, let’s encourage businesses to leave the area. That’ll help the local economy!

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  2. My questions revolve around what do we export from here that would warrant the money needed to build the rail line? What business’s do we currently have that need the rail line to supply them. I can’t think of any that require the volume of income and outgoing product to make the idea economically feasible. Timber is the only one I see right now and their production is in decline. I suppose Walmart and other big boxes need a few containers a week and food store containers but it still doesn’t add up in my mind. So what happens to the long hauler trucks that currently bring goods in? Out of business? If a gain in good paying jobs is what you are looking for, it sounds like a job loser to me. The train doesn’t make sense on many levels. Enlighten us.

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    • How much of what is shipped through the port of Oakland is manufactured in Oakland? I expect the answer would be the same for Humboldt. The rail would create a lot of
      opportunity for new businesses in Humboldt.


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