Are you going to let Police Chief Mills blow this right by you?

property crime

Take a seat everyone, we’ve got big news.  According to the crime “statistics” provided by the Eureka Police Department, violent crime is up (DUH!) and property crime is down (WTF!).  What could have caused this sudden drop in property crime that isn’t reflected in anybody’s personal experience that lives or works in Eureka?  We’ll give you a hint…..when you look at the graph, at the same time that property crime starts a downward trend there was a change at EPD.

That change was the firing of all the PSO’s.  That’s right, those men and women in light blue were the ones who would come and take a report when a property crime was committed and there was no known suspect.  They are gone now.  Those reports aren’t being generated anymore, so…..”presto chango” property crime goes down.

Violent Crime 2016

Let’s do some quick math to see if this theory holds water.  It used to be on any given day in Eureka, you’d have 5 patrol officers and 2 PSO’s.  That would translate to PSO’s making up about 40% of the potential crime reports back in 2015.  Now, according to the statistics provided by Mills, property crime is down by 37%.  So, get rid of 40% of property crime report takers and Ta-Da! Crime is down. This doesn’t even address the frustration factor that is, people calling in to report crimes and getting no response, next time why bother?

Eureka is a crime ridden city.  All crime is up.  Chief Andrew Mills, like Murl Harpham before, has made command decisions regarding procedures, allocation of personnel, patrols and priorities that have led to this quagmire of crime. When you add in the results of prop 47 then you have created the “shit show” that is the City of Eureka in 2016.

Mills and Harpham

When will the City Manager and the Chief of Police have to answer for the leadership they have provided which has made Eureka into a more violent city and a police department that doesn’t give a damn if your property is stolen?  Probably never, given that Brady and Ciarabellini seem to be running this so called “progressive” city council. They all seem to be drinking mass quantities of the Andrew Mills brand Kool-Aid.


10 thoughts on “Are you going to let Police Chief Mills blow this right by you?

  1. Not so different from any other city’s style of reporting. Why even back in New York City, I’ve heard, the Bronx is up, but the Battery’s down.


  2. Good article that points out crime data is strategically manipulated for politics and funding.

    How many old people will fall in line and support the police because of the belief that the data is true.

    Old people are naive with politics, no doubt about it. Old people are old, and dont care about much anymore except safety. Safety stats look great too the wrinkled skinned types.


    • but us old people understand the proper use of statistics and we have seen more politics in our lifetime than you could dream of. Certainly not naive enough to take the crap here as the truth.


  3. It is a sorry excuse for leadership in Eureka. Cover up the real problems with false stats. Nothing new, just the faces change.


  4. Hey, Chief! I have the perfect solution to your rising crime rates! Fire all the dispatchers! Brilliant!


  5. I didn’t see the moon come up last night, therefore it is part of a vast right wing conspiracy.


  6. Ran into some tourists on the waterfront who love the bay but had their stuff stolen soon after they got here. They went to the police department and we’re treated like they had done something wrong. Classic


  7. Eureka is setting its self up to be a looser city. Lots and lots of tax money spent on things the people paying the tax will always feel fearful if using. Like the trail system, park areas marina bathrooms just for starters.


  8. “Setting its self up to be a loser city”. I think the horse left the barn some time ago. The real question is can the community get the horse back under control and then, hopefully, back to the barn. It is not easy to tame a wild eyed horse.


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