Still reeling from his ass whoopin’ by Verbena ol’ Johnny Chiv strikes back


Mr. Chiv’d calls Verbena out for….being a trust fund baby?  WTF?

Johnny Chiv has called out Verbena yet again, and used the worn out “take those homeless people to your house” argument:

“If the rumors that Kim Starr aka Verbena has a trust fund are true, house someone Verbena, instead of inciting problems and telling others what to do or think. Even if you don’t have a trust fund Verbena, do something positive instead of just you and James Decker blabbing your incoherent, imaginary views of people and Humboldt.”

But we think Mr. Chiv’d has stepped over the line yet again, which is par for the course.  Johnny just had to add a rumor to his post.  According to his blog, “If the rumors that Kim Starr aka Verbena has a trust fund are true, house someone Verbena, instead of inciting problems and telling others what to do or think.”

So Johnny boy, if we’re all gonna run with rumors, then what about the ones about you? Is it true that you still receive monthly payments from your family that allow you to work full time miss-reporting from the court house?  In fact, we’ve heard these very same rumors from local professionals and people who actually seem to know you and your sordid family drama! The way these rumors seem to keep emanating from down south, we have to wonder.

We have praised you for calling out HumCPR / Ulansey and support your first amendment rights.

When you continue to call yourself a journalist, and report in such a biased manner and print unsupported rumors, then you force us to speak up. So you need to choose john-boy, Journalist or Blogger?

Quit being a hypocrite Johnny and just admit it dude, you’re an angry agenda driven political blogger who loves slinging mud at you’re opponents. Matthew taught you well.

Really, It’s okay, just face it…..anyone who reads your BLOG already knows it!




11 thoughts on “Still reeling from his ass whoopin’ by Verbena ol’ Johnny Chiv strikes back

  1. TE, you are day late than I expected. I fully expected a rant from you.

    You can defend Verbena all you want. A handful of you that hang out here don’t matter.

    Whether I receive payments or gifts from my family or not is none of your business and if I do use it to supplement my court reporting, so what?

    I do a public service. What do you or Verbena or James Decker do besides bitch, hate and get in the way of people contributing to this society.

    People who gossip about me or anyone else whether its true or not are equal losers. I have built business on my hard work. I don’t sit around blaming society for my problems.

    Real question is who is behind this rag you call a blog. You are just puppets of people who I have exposed and people who do not have the best interests of society. Who feeds you information.

    And you and your commenters never have facts to counter. All you do is insult personally and use personal information irrelevant to the topic.

    Anonymous cowards who hate anyone who disagres with them and rich and Christians, about sums you, and most of your commenters. For all we know, commenters, you could be one and the same.

    Anyone can create a blog. You cannot even include an original thought or news.

    The question still remains. How does Verbena support herself and what has she done to assist in housing anyone from the Palco Marsh.

    Let your minions JP, Julie Timmons etc come out with their attacks now. This comment covers it all.


  2. You folks at the TE nailed him good, what a hypocrite. I can’t stand Verbena but saying she doesn’t try a help the homeless is ridiculous.

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  3. I agree with what Pete just said. Didn’t the city bust one of her houses on third street because there was too many people living there?


  4. “I do a public service” That’s right John you help the DA’s office prosecute any of us arrestees innocent or not.

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  5. So what if Verbena is the only child of wealthy parents? Like hillary says…..what difference, at this point, does it make?

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  6. Mr. Chiv-

    I didn’t need to comment on this one, the article spoke for itself. But since you all but admitted to it, why is your trust fund subsidized political blog any different than Verbenas “trust fund” protesting(if that’s even true…why am I commenting about rumors….)? Oh, because your politics are “right” and hers are wrong.

    Pot. Kettle. Black. Nuff said

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  7. Some of us old timers know that it’s true… You figure out if it matters at all.


  8. How could I be a minon? I don’t even know Steve Carrell!

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  9. Individual Americans are no more responsible for personally housing the homeless amid a national epidemic than they are responsible for providing a poor neighbor’s surgery in the only industrialized nation without universal healthcare.

    Maybe those damn nurse/protesters should “shut up” and take poor patients into their homes for treatment?

    As the nation divests from public schools maybe those damn teachers should stop their strikes and start teaching poor kids in their homes…IF THEY REALLY CARED ABOUT KIDS????

    Don’t like all those pot holes in your poor neighborhood? Shut up, fill it yourself and be part of the solution!

    Chiv is merely parroting emotional right wing ideological irrationality and lying big, then refusing to back down no matter how thoroughly discredited he is.

    How well does this work?

    Polls show 60% of Americans are still worried about the Affordable Care Act’s “Death Panels”.

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