You might have missed it due to lack of coverage but Bernie won last night

bernie sanders 2

In case you missed it, Bernie just won Indiana and still has a (narrow) path to victory….

But the media wants you to forget about that HUGE win, and remember that their favorite person to make fun of (and secret crush) is now the presumptive Republican nominee.  “Lucifer”(Cruz) was beaten by….Trump.  That is a scary situation, without a doubt.  What’s scarier is watching the corporate media frame this as a contest between two of the most disliked politicians in recent memory: Hilary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump.

There is still a distant third option candidate, and that candidate beats Trump in poll after poll….Senator Bernie Sanders.   Last night Bernie won big in Indiana, and began laying out his goals and the goals of a huge segment of the America people in his victory speech.  How many TV stations aired his victory speech in full????  If you can find one, we’d like to know what channel.  The staff at the Examiner only saw a portion of his speech which was aired live on MSNBC (we call it the Hilary network).  Every other station was showing “Live” coverage of the end of both Cruz and Trump’s events.  Literally, they were showing the backs of Cruz and Trump and gushing all over them, while Bernie was giving a live speech.

If the media has their way, we won’t have conversations about campaign financing, healthcare as a human right and the corporate takeover of America.

That is so very wrong and we’re looking forward to Humboldt County saying so with votes for Bernie.


4 thoughts on “You might have missed it due to lack of coverage but Bernie won last night

  1. When’s this worn out communist going to have his heart attack already?


  2. Sanders was never serious about wanting to win. If he had, he would have been hammering clinton on the email server, Bengazi, the FBI investigation, and other scandals. She won’t be so lucky in the general election. That light at the end of her tunnel is the Trump Train about to run her over.


  3. Also missing from local news reports is the tremendous disparity between the 200 folks lined up at the Labor Temple to elect Bernie Delegates, compared to the handful turning out for Hillary.

    It’s mind boggling how many poor working folks still believe that crony-capitalism, (socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor), is working for them.

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