The biggest planned police action in Eureka since the expulsion of the Chinese

load um up run em out

Eureka’s glorious humanitarian past

Is this giant mobilization to crack down on Eureka’s intensifying gang situation?

Is it to go after all the meth dealers and abusers?

Is it to crack down on the home invasions and wide spread burglaries?

Hell no! it’s to clear the homeless out the way so the City can use its grant moneys to build a trail.

Well, here we are on the eve of the pitiful attempt by the City of Eureka to resolve the local homeless disaster that they themselves have made worse by their bad polices and lack of action. Mobilizing so much law enforcement for that many days is going really have a hefty price tag. Just think of the actual help they could have provided with that money. How people could be housed long term with that amount of money?

Then we heard Frank Jager the illustrious Mayor of Eureka blaming Baykeeper for not solving the homeless issue. Seriously Baykeeper! How the hell is it freakin’ Baykeeper problem? It’s your problem Frank. It has been yours for years; two different turns on the City Council amounting to more the a dozen years, decades on the police force and now Mayor. What have you ever done to ease this crisis? We have witnessed you over all this time being nothing but an obstacle.

Then there is Chief Mills who views this as yet another big publicity opportunity to pad his resume with. We hope he makes his long rumored move to greener pastures soon.

So what will be the end result? Same homeless problem in different locations dispersed through the city.



15 thoughts on “The biggest planned police action in Eureka since the expulsion of the Chinese

  1. I wonder if Chief Mills could put a fraction of the effort he’s putting into moving the homeless into our neighborhoods to solving the Casey Campbell murder from Nov,2014 ??? Why are those murderers still walking the streets of our neighborhoods?


    • Broken Record… Shot in the back, no witnesses, no one with information coming forward, and yet you claim the chief is to blame. Broken Record!

      As for what this article is truly about:

      Baykeeper, for years, prevented the City to take cleanup action, claiming they, Baykeeper, was the only group that could approve, or initiate, cleanup of Humboldt Bay shorelines. The City waited long enough for Baykeeper action, forcing the now scheduled actions.

      My question for TE: As a vocal advocate if saving the planet, why would you be opposed to cleaning up environmental damage perpetrated by persons living illegally in the coastal wetlands?


      • Violet Baykeeper has never blocked the City from any clean up, get your facts straight.

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      • I guess Baykeeper should have sued the City years ago for allowing this camping situation to start, right Violet?


      • “Baykeeper, for years prevented the City to take cleanup action” , I guess I missed all those years ??? Did you get this “information” from the Marina Center Now !! People ?


      • you are right , no one cares about an unsolved murder , no one but his 2 young sons that keep asking what happened to daddy…


      • so spending 1000s of man hours chasing the homeless up into our neighborhoods is money better spent solving a murder where the perps that are willing to shoot people in the back?? ya i might be a broken record , i just hope you or i or someone we love isn’t shot in the back by the people who shot Casey since they still roam our streets


  2. I saw the new homeless dorms yesterday.
    I hope that someone introduces some color, flower-boxes or
    plantings. What I saw was chain-link surrounded concrete slab topped with steel boxes with extruded-lath being soldered across the openings.
    Maybe a garden society could help here,- worse than a prison.
    How can we expect people to act with dignity, when they are denied it at every turn?

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  3. jesus, blow shit out of proportion much? Maybe we should run this dumb ass rag out of town. It’s not helping anybody either.


  4. Dorms for the homeless, right there in OLD TOWN. How tone deaf can a city government be? Let’s just ok worn out shipping containers with dozens of homeless right in the heart of the business district. Where the hell is good old Charlotte McDonald, the do nothing director of Main Street when real direction is needed. That organization is the real waste of tax dollars and special assessment fees forced on the businesses of the downtown/old town. I sat on that board for a number of years trying to get positive change and an awareness of business concerns. All I got was a deaf ear and very cold stares. Eureka needs their own Bernie to set a real fire under local officials. It must be the lead in the old water pipes that has scrambled the community’s collective brain. By the way, it is the coastal commission that governs clean-up of bay side contamination. Go get-um TE.


  5. If there were a single media source reporting in the public interest with a few hundred bucks to retain a number-cruncher to calculate the costs of this eviction, or the costs to-date allocated to police and emergency room services managing homelessness, it would put the lie to the imbeciles calling themselves “public servants” that are refusing to consider stable housing alternatives due to the “prohibitive costs”.

    I’m still waiting for a report of how many local families were foreclosed during the economic collapse continuing since 2008. Local media couldn’t find a single victimized family to interview in 8 years while downtown bankers, brokers and realtors quietly lined their pockets in fees each time a family is rotated in and out of large homes they were tricked into buying???

    If the mayor, supervisors, planning commissioners, and their bigoted business/rotary/Ingomar/golf/church buddies don’t blame Baykeepers, people might begin putting much of the blame where it’s due…the development industry funding their campaigns, buying media ads, club memberships, and dinners-out so that they can retain their windfalls from the next unregulated housing casino.

    Follow the money….

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  6. The judge told Eureka not to evict 11, so Eureka is evicting 102 people from the limited enforcement camp onto the the strict enforcement streets.


  7. Violet, what a pile of horse pucky on the Baykeepers. Have you EVER honestly checked what the function of the Baykeepers is? Do your homework. Their function is to identify bay and drainage pollution that needs to be addressed before any construction takes place, for instance, there were many tepee sawdust burners at the north end of the bay that polluted the bay mud with arsenic and other toxic elements, They found a plume of heavy metals water, from old long gone mills, that flows under the balloon tract and has to be cleaned so that future construction would not release it into the bay. Realize that much of the land adjacent to the current water front was marsh and was later filled in to make way for the early development of Eureka and Arcata. The ground water is still close to the surface. Old Town is old marsh land up to 2nd street and some old blds are sinking because of poor foundations settling into soggy water soaked old marsh. That was what the costs were all about to retrofit the Carson Block. Get to know the “underlying “issues.

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