Brilliant! HumCPR and Chief Mills move the Devils Playground to Old Town

mills not on my watch

Bowing to their corporate overlords (Walmart and Bayshore Mall) our Teflon police chief and the “Weed INC” funded special interest group are poised to make things in Eureka’s original business district go from pretty bad to the worst!

Even John Chiv has taken time out from his usual judge and jury routine to point out the obvious corruption and fraud with HumCPR’s involvement in this crazy scheme.

This is also Mercer-Fraser sticking their big middle finger up at you Eureka.

Where the hell is (just give me my paycheck) Charlotte McDonald of Main Street on this issue?

main st

Since the 1970’s ten’s of millions of dollars have been spent trying to restore Old Town to its former glory this will undo it all that work very quickly.


11 thoughts on “Brilliant! HumCPR and Chief Mills move the Devils Playground to Old Town

  1. This seems crazy. After watching Lee U and Morris on the planning commission and the pure agenda they push for HumCPR this made me laugh to see HumCPR attached to this project. We know from their past actions they are totally self serving and backed by a lot of anonymous people and money. So why are they doing this ??? I would be shocked if it were for any good community reasons.


    • Old Sam, I think you should know by now, these people don’t do things because it is the right thing to do. They do things and help each make money. Even the people who want this don’t want it where it is. I just looked up the city planning commission and was surprised to see wack jobs and ultra conservatives. John McBeth and Rich Ames..Stacked County Planning Commish with Morris, Ulancy,Aldo Bongio and McKinney. Why here and why now? Follow the money I think we will all be surprised. I believe they’re using this opportunity to further their financial interests.


      • City planning commission names you bring up McBeth and Ames, Sad that such radical right wing people are on the city comm. So I guess you don’t need to live in the city to be on the city planning commission ?? McBeth built in the Freshwater area, just hosted a dinner recently for Rex Bohn at a $1000 per couple . There sure seems to be a lot self serving things going on with all of this…


  2. TE, what is even more interesting is that TE, THC, and I have all raised similar concerns. When is the last time we all agreed on one topic?

    KIEM and North Coast News interviewed the businesses near the Mercer Fraser lot. LOCO ran the entire video of public comment from the City Council meeting.

    Yet, despite these objections, Eureka City Council approved this site.

    TE, we may not agree on everything but I am glad to see most of the media sources united to expose the duplicity of Lee Ulansey and not all, but several, HUMCPR members. This plan will not provide stability of housing; helping people move into affordable housing they can maintain and be safe in, will.

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    • Old Sam, the rules do not apply to the list of people above. They play by different rules and mold them to fit their needs. Morris and Ulansey are getting rich. They are also big property owners, benefits are big for them, as the change the rules and the wording on the GP.


  3. I spoke with a knowledgable player in this whole dispute. He made a very informed guess. He believes that someone, very powerful, wants that PALCO Marsh land to build a hotel or something large. Obviously getting CCC approval would be difficult, but HUMCPR backing the relocation would be consistent with their true support of wanting to see something happen with the land. An interesting observation.


  4. Yes, follow the $.

    There is little being spent.

    A beer brewer expanded with $750,000 help from Eureka, another seafood restaurant opened in Old Town with $250,000 help from Eureka. They spent thousands on architects to plop more poverty wage jobs and a hotel on our bay. Measure “N” passed in 2010…the Balloon Tract is still blighted.

    Lots of homes are for sale, few are being built.

    These jokers are merely diverting attention from their industry’s obvious role exasperating homelessness. The local development industry played their part in the national/international housing-related crash still bankrupting and foreclosing families.

    It’s a win-win. Failure means they “tried” because they “care”.

    The LAST thing they want is ANY public attention questioning their “altruism”, by pointing out that not one piece of legislation, not one ordinance, not one fee has been imposed that might interfere with the third housing bubble in one generation.

    Many progressives would support this band-aid if accompanied by real policies developing stable housing.

    That has never been part of their agenda. Otherwise, we’d see one of Eureka’s numerous blighted lots and buildings being converted for stable housing.

    How will they keep winning the easy money from the fees manipulating people in and out of homes they can’t afford if affordable housing is part of our community’s plan?

    Every dollar they’ve spent stacking local elected and appointed offices has been returned ten-fold. Taxpayers even threw-in the Martin Slough Interceptor costing tens of millions of dollars to serve high-profit McMansion subdivisions in Cutten.

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    • I agree Midnight, but do you back Tuluwat’s position of …”Homeless? Not in my back yard!”
      A six month, cripingly austere, make-shift shelter designed to hold 1/5 of the original population that made their homes in what we dimishingly call the Devil’s Playground seems to be the least of our problems, but that is how the TE frames this as we reach the date of eviction.

      There were plenty of business and land owners repeating TE’s take at the last ECC.

      Only a brave few remaining to support the houseless and their plight when the alternative is to increase visibility and interaction, even temporarily on a cruel campaign to kick our common economic and societal problems down the road.


  5. Stable housing is the only real solution and if that were a prominent part of either the temporary boxcars and parking lot plans I would be more active in supporting them.

    Nevertheless, I support their right to provide temporary shelter.

    The TE can comment for themselves. They offer a rare focus/forum on government excesses in Eureka. I guess I missed their firm stand on this issue, whatever it is.

    Eureka has demonstrated no shortage of cash for poverty-wage crony capitalists blindly following a long-discredited trickle-down ideology, while the obvious availability of the former Zoe Barnum public school languishes. It could be attractively remodeled and expanded with volunteer labor to house most, if not all, of Eureka’s homeless.

    “Not in my backyard” is less an obstacle under the emergency shelter declaration.

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